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Peace Corps Zambia Welcome Book | June 2012

Peace Corps Zambia Welcome Book | June 2012

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june 2012
june 2012

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Oct 28, 2012
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In Zambia, older members of society are viewed and treated

with a great deal of respect. Issues for older Americans are



more likely to be in relation to their younger fellow Peace

Corps Volunteers. Older Volunteers may work and live with

individuals in the Peace Corps community who have little

understanding of, or respect for, the lives and experiences of

senior Americans. Senior Volunteers may not get necessary

personal support from younger Volunteers and may be

reluctant to share personal, sexual, or health concerns with

them or with members of the Peace Corps staff. They may

find that younger Volunteers look to them for advice and

support; a role they may not enjoy assuming. During pre-

service training, senior Volunteers may need to be assertive

when developing an effective approach to language learning.

Volunteer Comment

“The village life here is rigorous, with lots of bike riding

and fairly harsh living conditions. Being, on average, 20 to

30 years older than the next Volunteer can get tiresome

sometimes. Also, you have to determine your place in your

training group and in the larger Volunteer community. If you

want to be seen in a surrogate parent/grandparent role or

if you do not, it is up to you to establish those parameters.

Some Volunteer activities you will want to be left out of;

others you won’t. Be vocal and let other Volunteers know

what you do like to do so they will include you. I’ve found

that many assumptions are made based on age in the Peace

Corps and Zambian communities. The respect that you will

receive because of a few gray hairs is, I must admit, quite

nice, but being left out of something because they figure

you wouldn’t be interested is annoying, but can be avoided.

Language learning is the biggest challenge here. If you have

never learned one before, once you’ve figured it out, you

will need to explain to the training staff your learning style.

Ask for extra instruction, study, and practice speaking as

much as you can! It does make a difference.”





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