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Taxi Investor Summary July 2012l

Taxi Investor Summary July 2012l

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Published by Mark John Waite

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Published by: Mark John Waite on Oct 28, 2012
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Company Information Guide

Standby Travel Ltd Reg: 2004/020127/06 Office 16 Industria Road , Brackenfell Industria , Brackenfell ,7560

086 1115757 E-mail : info@standby.co.za

This document represents a summarised version of the Business Plan which is available on the Standby Travel web site, www.standby.co.za. The comprehensive business plan is also available at the offices of the company auditors, Mac Lachlan Inc, Durbanville. Government endorsed partners within the transport sector recently made an effort to purchase a majority share of Standby Travel Ltd. The idea was for them to own 60% of the company. Inhouse disagreements at their organisation necessitated a change in the agreement. The BEE component would no longer come from these recommended partners – but the vision is that this BEE component comes from the individual transport operators from the individual transport taxi association regions. The Executive Directors of Standby Travel have subsequently strategized to involve representatives at various regional offices. These representatives are been empowered with the knowledge and resources to satisfy the needs of the individual share purchase applicants. These are the people with the regional targets required to enrol the operators into Standby Travel. Once finalised, these share holders will represents (arguably) the largest Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment organisation within the Transport sector in the country. This marriage guarantees a sustainable economic transformation model for the country as a whole. Government’s open support sees this as a project similar even to the World Cup Soccer project. The Standby Directors and originators have had the unique opportunity to negotiate these matters at the very highest levels of government – which assures us that we are supported and remain on the right track. There is absolutely no question as to the power that our designated partners yield. They represent a market that transports over 15 million passengers daily - with turnovers (also daily) exceeding R250 million. As a whole, this industry is recognised as the largest (public) transport system in South Africa with over 180 000 aligned and registered owners being represented to government within this transport sector alone.

Who is Standby Travel?
Standby Travel Ltd is a public company with an intention of listing on the stock exchange as soon the directors decide it is viably possible and in the best interest of the shareholders. Ideally by June 2013. The intention is that Standby will be the Broadest Based BEE organisation in South Africa with many thousands of previously disadvantaged persons now owning shares in the company. The company is registered, authorised, audited, and endorsed by government. It is also fully within the rights of shareholders to market Private Placement Shares to its internal partners – members of the Standby Travel Club Program. We are also authorised via the Companies Act to raise funds via the sale of private placement shares. The directors have placed the share price at R1.00 per share.

What products and services will Standby Travel offer?
1. Standby Express This is a low cost airline which will have its Head Office in the Eastern Cape (Bisho) This product offering is deemed as an affordable alternative for many thousands of commuters that travel by road between the two centre’s of Gauteng and Cape Town – and the Eastern Cape.

The Standby Express model allows for an integrated transport system where passengers will experience “booking in” at central hubs – being transported to the airports – and be transported again to their destination hubs. With the verbal endorsement of various national and provincial government structures Standby Express is able to offer these passenger seats on a local airline at prices fractionally more expensive than currently being paid on road transport. The difference in value is based on the travel time. The road trip is a 26 hour return trip for about R1000 whilst the Standby Express experience is (on average) a R1400 return air journey which takes a total of only three hours return. The inaugural (Poof of Concept) flight took place between Lanseria Airport and Bisho on the 16th September 2011. It was endorsed and supported by the highest levels of government. The success of this flight received substantial media coverage which can be witnessed by the Google of “Santaco Airlines”. Nothing has changed regarding this flight besides the fact that the share ownership power has been handed to the designated individual investors rather than the organisation. 2. Standby Card With Standby’s introduction of the their membership card, Standby has created the future standard setters for Government’s paperless payment strategy – a seamless, cashless, manageable transport payment system that ALSO allows for banking and loyalty club benefits. Standby has aimed for 1% of the regional markets per week in the first year (2500) – escalating to 4% (10 000) by year three. The “sales and marketing strategy” budgets for incomes of R4.39 per month per card on these valuable cards. The value of the cards is based on it’s capacity to allow for the purchase and management of shares, the purchase and discounts of the airline tickets as well as discounted items at various strategic stores around the country. 3. Fly Standby Air tickets : Discounted flights for all and a chance for airlines to clear their distressed stock! The intention is that these tickets will be obtained from airlines after they no longer have fiscal value to the airlines themselves - as they would be deemed to have passed their “sell by” date. These are often referred to as “Distressed Stock” i.e. airline seats that have NOT been sold and are unlikely to be sold before the specific departure date. The intent is that these seats are then made available to Standby who in turn will offer them to our unique customer base at discounted rates. One of the key attributes to this product offering is the support of government who acknowledge that the introduction of our model to service providers could effectively add as much as R750 million per annum to the aviation economy - with limited fiscal drag to Government or service providers.


Private document produced by Alan Dickinson, founder member and share holder, for the marketing of Private Placement shares. 20 Rhodes Ave, Newlands. (021) 671 1711

Who are the drivers?
Outside parties no longer have any executive say regarding Standby Travel. Any outside involvement at an executive level will ultimately be decided by the shareholders themselves. The Company has been through five very challenging months and has emerged once again – different and stronger. This has been due to the effective support given by the Chairman of Elwierda Bus Tours, Johan Steenkamp, the CEO of IMB banking, Tim Colman as well as the Executive leadership of Danie Coetzee. Standby Travel Ltd Executive Danie Coetzee : Executive Chairman of Standby Travel Ltd, Age 58 (Dip Bus Man, Dip Cargo Man) Chairman – 36 years in aviation His experience encompasses passengers, cargo, luggage, traffic and systems. He has established extensive connections over the years with flight operations (passenger and freight) as well as with aircraft maintenance companies. Johan Steenkamp : Executive Director. B.Comm, Hons B (B & A) He has 15 outstanding years in travel and leisure with Elwierda Tours. Vernon Billet: 1st Dep President Santaco, Chairman Santaco Western Cape, Head Santaco Business and Project manager Santaco Electronic Card System Thys Muller : Non Executive Director with 36 years of executive aviation experience. Tim Coleman : International experience in Loyalty Programmes and currently CEO of IMB (Imvelaphi Mobile Banking) Rodney Koen : Legal executive and currently Director at Laubser and Hattingh Attorneys Charl Steenkamp : CA, Company Secretary and currently Executive Director at CORE Fruit Exports Junaid Peters : Taxi Liaison specialist Alan Dickinson : Government and political facilitator. Our Partners It has long been the Elwierda strategy that if you want to be the best – you need to play with the best. As a result we have emerged with GA Mac Lachlan Inc as our auditors, the wisdom and experience of many successful years in the travel business of Elweirda Tours, IMB, the leaders in the field of Mobile Banking in South Africa as well as the special banking business model attorneys, Edward, Nathan Sonnenberg .

Buy your Standby shares today. Financials

An idea with wings!

Assumptions The following summarised table represents: a. The summary of each of the financials of each of the individual product offerings existing in the available business plan document. Each of these individual financial documents constitutes over 8 pages of meticulously audited financial business planning. The following page is a consolidation of all of these pages. b. It also (bottom line of page) offers to investors a dividend return synopsis based on any R100 000 investments – but also based on simultaneous launch of all offerings. c. What it does not do is allow for the staggered entry points of product launch.


Private document produced by Alan Dickinson, founder member and share holder, for the marketing of Private Placement shares. 20 Rhodes Ave, Newlands. (021) 671 1711

Conclusion: (a quote by the chairman taken directly from the business plan) The board and management of Standby Travel Ltd are fully confident that the details, goals and budgets are realistic and achievable. We believe that the (budgeted for) dividends are realistic. Standby has a total transparency policy. We believe it is your right to enquire – and it is your right to get information. Standby Travel Ltd 2nd Floor Edward III Building Edward Street Bellville Tel 086 111 5757 email: info@standby.co.za

4 Private document produced by Alan Dickinson, founder member and share holder, for the marketing of Private Placement shares. 20 Rhodes Ave, Newlands. (021) 671 1711 Danie Coetzee: (Chairman)

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