Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management & Technology, Raipur. P.O.: Sejabahar, Mujgahan,RAIPUR(C.G.

Phone: 0771-2120555/2120666 Date: October 13, 2012

WAR OF THE WORDS Rules: Every team should have 2 participants each.  Decision of the judges is final and binding.

Round -1 Preliminary Stage
 The participants shall be given last paper to be submitted back for evaluation after the allotted duration of the game.  Time – 5 Min.  Top 5 teams will play for next round.

Round -2 Final Stage: 4 questions will be given to each team.  One by one team will be given chance to answer the question (there will be only one chance.)  No negative and bonus marking.

php Time limit  15 sec to answer a question.Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management & Technology. P.  If answer is wrong no extra time will be given.G. Marks  If answer is right and spelling is also right then 20 marks will be awarded to the Phone: 0771-2120555/2120666 http://www.  Each team will be given equal chances to play for crossword.O.  If answer is right and spelling is wrong then 10 marks will be given.RAIPUR(C.  If answer is right extra 15 sec will be given to fill the boxes. Mujgahan. Raipur. .  For wrong answer no marks will be given.: Sejabahar.ssipmt.

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