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AUTOMOBILES. *There are basically 2 types of engines.

2 stroke- has a cycle of 2 processes suction and exhaust 4 stroke- has a cycle of 4 processes namely (suction, expansion, compression, exhaust) *The various types of engines used in cars are In line engine configuration (mostly all the cars of maruti,Hyundai tata etc in india have this ) V6, V8, V10,V12 and W12 Automobile scenario in india 5 main leadings companies Maruti Suzuki Hyundai Tata mototrs Mahindra Hero Honda India has the 9th largest automobile industry 2nd largest 2 wheeler market 4th largest in heavy trucks Monthly sales of passenger cars in almost 100,000 units TATA MOTORS Slogan of tata motors “more car per car” Popular vehicles; indica, indigo, indigo manza, indicab (nano the latest invention), sumo(gold/victa) , Safari Tata motors lost its share mainly to VW and ord during 2010- 11 Various configs of the engines CRDI- common rail diesel injection DICOR- diesel on common rail system Quadrajet VVT- variable valve timing(petrol engines )

CVT- constant variable transmission All the engines of tata cars for diesel variant are manufactured by “FIAT” Market share of TATA motors is almost 31% with the major ruler being “Maruti” followed by Hyundai. Common engine parts in cars Radiator- used to cool the engine when overheated Turbo charger- used in almost all diesel variant cars to boost the pickup of the car, by increasing the torque Crankshaft- connected to the flywheel of the car Camshaft- maintains the opening and closing of the valves Disc brakes- solid and ventilated (99% work strength) Alternator- used to charge the batteries Purator- it’s the air filter ALL THE HATCHBACKS AND SEDANS IN INDIA ARE FRONT WHEEL DRIVEN meaning- the differential which is responsible to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels in located in the front tyres. Unlike the SUV (safari and somu, scorpio ) which are equipped with rear limited slip differential which powers the rear tyres. Even trucks and buses are rear wheel driven. Common scientific terms connected to automobile performance Power in car in measured in HP which is horse power. 1 HP= 746 watts. It usually measures the work done The torque is the force which is produced to rotate and object about its axis. It is measured in newton/metre Crank angle – its usually the angle at which the crankshaft is connected to the pistons of the car so that each piston has the capacity to deliver maximum power and also maintain the valves opening as compared to other pistons Brakes- disc and drum brakes ; disc can be solid (front wheels ) and ventilated for rear wheels Turning radius- it the radius which a car uses to turn completely in a given area. THE BIGGEST BLUNDER THAT TATA MOTORS MADE WAS THE BUYING OF JAGUAR AND LAND ROVER

MARKET SHARE OF THE TOP 5 PLAYERS IN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Maruti Suzuki is the leader with 44% of the total market Hyundai is next with almost 29% o the market. Followed by tata motors with 20% of the market under their belt. TATA has another market for the heavy vehicles (trucks and buses) with 65% share in the market ..and in that area there competitors are Ashok Leyland and AMW. Tata emerges as leader in the vehicle vehicles market. The sole provider for engines for tata hevy vehicles is “CUMMINS”. Toyota is a player that is giving tough competition to the SUV section for all the other olayer with the launch of innova. Mahindra has 12% of the market followed by Chevrolet . In terms of 2 wheelers hero Honda has the highest market share with a total selling of 534091 units as of jun 12. Bajaj stood second with 318377 units sild. Pulsar 150 and 180 being the major player. Honda stood third with total units sold at 226864. Lat but not the least tvs motors sold 165438 and followed by Yamaha for 34306 units. INDIA HAS THE SECOND LARGET MARKET SIZE FOR AUTOMOBILES IN ASIA, CHINA BEING THE FIRST. THE TOTAL MARKET SIZE OF INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY STANDS 540 BILLION DOLLARS AS OF TODAY.

The indian passenger vehicle market is almost 79% of the total market. India car market has recently crossed 1.5 million. London has a car market of 2.1 million. CATEGORIES OF CARS The types of categories in which cars are divided are majorly as follows 1. Hatchback- alto, wagonR, Hyundai, tata indica and indica vista i10 etc.. 2. Sedan(American English) or salon (british English)- Swift dzire, Hyundai verna, tata indica and indigo and indigo manza Honda city ( these are the midsized vehicles , hence placed under sedans). 3. SUV- sports utility vehicle- m&m Scorpio, chevy tavera, tata safari ….. 4. MUV- multipurpose utility vehicle- tata xenon, tata 207 Di etc… 5. LUV- light utility vehicle- Jeep USUALLY ALL THE SUV’S IN INDIA ARE DIESEL ENGINED AND REAR WHEEL DRIVEN OR 4 WHEEL DRIVEN AS IT IS ADVANTAGEOUS WHILE DRIVING OFF ROAD. Honda CRV is an exception for india’s first petrol driven SUV.

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