Time Sheet-myfela.

SR No. Task 1 Knowledge Transfer of www.myfela.com 2 Fixing formatting issues on the Blog page (currently it is 3 Fixing the inability to apply more than one tag to articles 4 Adding the ability to tweet, like, post to various social 5 Creating a “Contact Us” widget that can be displayed 6 Simply changing one of the images on the slider tab on 7 how to get an html editor that does not require me to
the homepage manually insert the html codes for special characters like quotes, apostrophes, etc. Total Hours Total Man Hours more prominently throughout the website media to blog postings (at least in the blog) disabled)

twitter extension Add Extension Add Extension Add extension Total Time (In Hours) 8 12 20 8 24 16 24 112 14 .e Sheet-myfela.com Process to be followed Study _ Add extension Add facebook.

Cost Estimation Resources Required 1 Toatal Man Hours Required 112 Rate 11 Total Budget in $ 1232 .

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