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Fish Histology Manual v4 S. Turkmen

Fish Histology Manual v4 S. Turkmen

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Published by: Serhat Turkmen on Oct 29, 2012
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Fat cells are fully differentiated cells and are incapable of mitotic division. New fat cells therefore, which
may develop at any time within connective tissue, arise as a result of differentiation of more primitive
cells. Although fat cells, before they store fat, resemble fibroblasts, it is likely that they arise directly from
undifferentiated mesenchyme cells present within the body. Initially small droplets of fat make their
appearance within the cytoplasm. The droplets increase in size and finally coalesce to form a single
large droplet, and the cytoplasm is reduced to a thin encompassing layer. The nucleus is compressed
and flattened. When fat is utilized it leaves the cell as soluble components (the same form in which it
enters), and the cell takes on a wrinkled appearance.

Chapter 2 - Normal Histology

Fish Histology and Histopathology

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