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Pacor 1 October 2012 Worksheet on Flannery O‟Connor, „A Good Man Is Hard to Find‟ „A Good Man Is Hard to Find‟ begins with a family preparing for a vacation to Florida then sidetracks to a newspaper article talking about an escaped convict named „The Misfit‟ and that he and his posse were heading down to Florida. The family embarks on the vacation and eventually sidetrack themselves to find a house that the grandmother had remembered from her youth. The family had a car accident and then a car had stopped to help them; the escaped convict and his posse got out and eventually shot every member of the family. The setting in this story is quite boring at the beginning when the family was just discussing where to go for vacation. There is kind of an eerie feeling with the relationship between the grandmother and her son Bailey. He seems like a cold person and never says anything for much of the story. In fact the grandmother even states “I wouldn‟t take my children in any direction with a criminal like that a[loose] in it” (O‟Connor 306) which led to no response from her son. Even after the family had a car accident, the father really remained expressionless until the point before he and his son were taken off into the woods and killed. The character analysis of this story can also be linked to the father, who seems to have minimal dialogue throughout the story. Given the title of the story, it seems the author once again wanted to prove that a good man was truly hard to find. In fact, the only men in the story, outside of the grandmother‟s recollections, were quite mean and even murderers. The grandmother also lacked guilt in this entire situation since it was her fault that they were in the predicament to begin with. This story proved that

and William E. New York: Longman. William Burto. 16th ed. 306-317. Sylvan Barnet. Print.” An Introduction to Literature.Heath 2 perhaps a good person was hard to find. Cain. Works Cited O‟Connor. since all main characters seemed to have flaws. "A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Flannery. . 2011. Ed.