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Pacor October 22, 2012 Worksheet on Seamus Heaney‟s, “Digging” “Digging” begins with a narrator describing his father digging in either a field or a garden. It becomes clearer that the narrator, as well as his father and grandfather are potato farmers. The poem also begins and ends with the same lines: “between my finger and my thumb/The squat pen rests” (Heaney 629). This seems to be a hint to the importance of the narrator‟s profession, as it is mainly focused on potato farming and the author is clearly Irish. The setting is made quite clear as the entire poem is focused around the craft of the narrator and his father. They are on a farm and there are lines towards the end of the poem that give a description of the setting quite vividly: “The cold smell of potato mold, the squelch and slap/Of soggy peat, the curt cuts of an edge” (629). This description brings to mind a cold, dreary place that is cold and damp, and also the smell of potatoes. „The Red Wheelbarrow‟ by William Carlos Williams is an extremely short poem but seems to hold so much meaning in just eight lines. The first thing that comes to mind is the red wheelbarrow and its many uses. A wheelbarrow can be used in construction and farming, among many other uses, and it is evident in this poem that the author is focusing on a farm since he refers to the white chickens on the final two lines. „The Starry Night‟ by Anne Sexton uses the theme of night to create themes of life and death and the narrator seems to be attracted to this phenomenon of darkness which seems to

2011. William Carlos. New York: Longman. William Burto.” An Introduction to Literature. 2011. 727.” An Introduction to Literature. . Ed. Seamus. Sylvan Barnet. Cain. Williams. New York: Longman. "Digging. "The Starry Night. 16th ed. Print. William Burto.” An Introduction to Literature. New York: Longman. Ed. 629. 2011. Ed. William Burto. "The Red Wheelbarrow. 16th ed. Print. and William E. and William E. 628. Cain.Heath 2 erase all around. Sylvan Barnet. Sylvan Barnet. Works Cited Heaney. Sexton. Anne. Cain. 16th ed. and William E. It appears to be based on Vincent Van Gogh‟s painting of the same name and perhaps inspired the author to use this theme of night. Print.

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