Solar Energy

In each solar panel there exist many electrons. The electrons are unable to carry an electrical charge in their natural state.The way in which these electrons are able to carry an electric charge is purely down to the sun. Photons are contained within the sun’s rays, and when these photons strike the electrons (presuming the photon contained enough energy), the electrons are turned into conduction electrons, meaning they are able to carry the electric charge. The way in which we harness the energy contained within the conduction electron is purely down to the method of extraction. This is usually done through a semi-conductive material (such as a solar panel). There are many guides to solar panels out there which will explain how this happens. It is important to understand how solar power is able to work, and a guide to solar power is a great way to understand this. The electron theory is just the very basis of the advanced process of producing power from the sun.The result of extracted solar power can be quite useful in many cases. The renewable energy we harness is usually stored in batteries, as we may not need the same level of electricity all the time.

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