American Bar Association [ABA], attention Robert M. Carlson, Chair, House of Delegates, ET AL, c/o Corette Pohlman & Kebe, 129 W Park St 301, POB 509 Butte, Montana 59703, T 406.782.5800, F 406.723.8919, M 406.782.5800,; courtesy ABA Board of Governors 2007-2010, KH O’Neil, American Bar Association [ABA] ET AL,; AND, State of Oregon Courts, Appeals and, Supreme, ET AL, attention David V.Brewer,; Robert D. Durham,, 1163 State St., Salem OR 97301; ET AL; and,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


STEVE SULTAN STAUL, RONALD FRASHOUR III, PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU [PPB] ET AL, SEE Roberta Kelly, Donald P. Wilson, Ian O. Wilson, Ryan A. Wilson and D. Lawrence Olstad, [Kelly et al] and property/ies 5109 NE Ainsworth Street, Portland, Oregon 97218 [5109]; 3151 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97321, [3151 Bldg. / Atelier 3151]; Balboa Drive estate, Vancouver, Washington [Hazel N. Halsworth]; and, “Bill of Rights,” (Re also 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611.), et al, Et Cetera.

On video deposition Ronald Frashour III, stipulates his ‘protection of his “President Bush,”’ and he is in full militant NATO regalia on the internet in a photo op to prove the “shoot first and do not worry,” questions answered by “The New World Order President.” Steve Sultan Staul was the lead officer on September 22, 2007, and he had to
1 ~ Roberta Kelly, et al | 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611 | 503.849.4634, October 23, 2012

have known Ronald Frashour III, was being sued, the Portland Police Bureau, ET AL, by Frank Waterhouse. Mr. Waterhouse prevailed against Ronald Frashour III in his attempt to kill Mr. Waterhouse with new weapons for the new police communist order. Steve Sultan Staul [Staul] did NOT prevail in mediation, NOR did Ronald Frashour III [Frashour III], and NOT the PPB: SEE D. Lawrence Olstad, MEDIATION WIN, NO DUE PROCESS NOR RULE OF LAW FOLLOWED, via Staul and Frashour III, in representing the rogue anti-US Constitution PPB on 09/22/07. Staul, a misogamist of the worst kind, other than his junior partner, Frashour III. Mr. Steve Houze would not allow I, Roberta Kelly, to fully testify to the crimes committed on my person because they were “too unbelievable.” Staul is guilty of torture and worse, AND Frashour III, is guilty of murder as well, attempted murder two times before successful in cold-blood killing of Aaron Campbell. The Oregonian is guilty of covering up the SAFETY issues, Et Cetera, that are necessary for a civilized society to prevail in modern time. Mr. Bloch, ET AL, in the court of mediation wherein former State of Oregon prosecutor D. Lawrence Olstad represented himeslf, it was well proven the crimes committed by and through the PPB. Furthermore, the PPB has not made restitution to me, Roberta Kelly, because the OREGONIAN co-conspired in the cover-ups, MAXINE BERNSTEIN was recipient of the video depositions of Steve Sultan Staul and Ronald Frashiour III, and promised in verbal contract to make certain Frashour III, did not REPEAT via the ‘news’ doing ITS’ JOB. January 29, 2010, Ronald Frashour III, “Officer of the Peace,” PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU, committed cold blooded murder by killing Aaron Campbell, by shooting an unarmed innocent black man, in serious distress over his younger brother just dying, in the back. Video depositions of the PPB Staul-Frashour, upon request, testimony is NO U.S. Constitution. Messrs. Garr King, J. Scott Moede, present, Frashour III stipulates on video he graduated from the University of Oregon, in ‘history.’ Perhaps, Mr. Bloch, ET AL, your DISP program for education can provide Ian O. Wilson with a history degree from the University of Oregon, wherein the law suit of Ms. Emeldi stands in request for the rule of law and due process, especially in respect to woman who are not respected in the Ninth Circuit ... aspire to be Kozinski or the PPB “Officers of the Peace,” via “DISP!?” Respectfully submitted this 23 day of October, 2012,

Roberta Kelly

2 ~ Roberta Kelly, et al | 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611 | 503.849.4634, October 23, 2012

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