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Caldwell, Jane Chronological History

Caldwell, Jane Chronological History

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Published by: Karen Lindberg Rasmussen on Oct 29, 2012
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Event: Birth of Grandchild, Frank Newton Woodworth, son of Darius Woodworth and Lucena Waite Woodworth
Stony Point, Sonoma, California

Source: FamilySearch Family Tree, Frank Newton Woodworth, PID #9VRQ-DZR, FamilySearch
(https://familysearch.org, rev. 25 June 2012, by viloertscher, :accessed 13 May 2013).

?Abt 1860

Event: Meeting and courtship of John Anson Waite and Margaret Barnes

(History of Margaret Barnes) ―After their arrival in Salt Lake City Margaret obtained work as a maid, in Southern Utah
and it was while working there that she met her husband. John A. Waite who from the time he was ten years of age
until his marriage lived with Horace S. Eldredge, was on his way to Payson where he was to drive cattle for
Grandfather Eldredge. Upon reaching the farmhouse where Margaret was working, he applied for something to eat.
The young woman who met him at the door informed him that they had had their dinner, but if he would come in she
would cook him some. While preparing the meal they became quite conversant and there seemed to be some bond
existing there in that little farm house that gradually drew them together, at any rate the business interests in the
southern part of the State after that were always taken care of by the young man instead of Grandfather Eldredge.
Their friendship quickly developed into love and this young couple were married in the Salt Lake Endowment House
On October 21st

, 1861.‖

Source: Mary Jane Waite, Margaret Barnes Waite—Pioneer of 1856, history, International Society Daughters of Utah
Pioneers, Session Camp, Davis County, available by mail (http://www.dupinternational.org), copy in possession of
Karen Rasmussen, 3414 Willow Ridge Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339.

December 1860

Event: Eli B. Kelsey acts as director of Brigham Young‘s private family schoolhouse located in Salt Lake City
Address: N. E. corner of Intersection S. Temple and State Street

Brigham Young‘s Private Schoolhouse


Source: Photo Utah State Archives, (http://content.lib.utah.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/USHS_Class/id/6416/rec/40
:accessed online Oct 2012).

Utah State Archives, Utah State History, Markers and Monuments Database, ―A Private School House‖
(http://history.utah.gov/apps/markers/detailed_results.php?markerid=2486 :accessed October 2012).


Event: Post office re-established. Eli Brazee Kelsey, Postmaster

Source: Andrew Jenson, Tooele Stake History, p. 49, Eli Brazee Kelsey, FHL microfilm #27,378, item 11.


Event: Joseph Moroni Dunn spends time living with his half-sister, Mary Jane Waite Robinson, in Pleasant Grove, Utah

―…was called Joseph Waite until he was married. Meanwhile, his father (Simeon A. Dunn) wanted him to come live

with him on more than one occasion. Joseph did not know what his father looked like until he was fourteen, at this
time he was living in Pleasant Grove with his half sister, Mary Jane Waite Robinson. Joseph was out feeding the pigs
when he was told that his father had come for him. Joseph, thinking that his father had badly treated him and his
mother and had now come for him just because he was old enough to work, Joseph refused to go with his father.
Many years passed before he saw his father again.‖

Source: David Smedley Gailey, The History of Marlin and Laura Smedley Gailey, Their Ancestors and Children,
Chapter 2, p. 125, Joseph Waite, (West Valley City, Utah: D.S. Gailey, 2000), FHL Book 929.273 G125g.

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