Exploring Aleph...

October 27, 2012

This week we were introduced the Hebrew Letter, Aleph. We created impermanent art using tiles, beads, river stones, crystal climbers, colored glass, and marbles. After creating our piece of art, we discussed what impermanent art is- explaining how it is not stuck onto the paper and how it is easy to move pieces around-recreating a different piece of art using the same objects within the same shape. Then we talked about Aleph, how it is the first letter in the Aleph-Bet. The children practiced making the sound Aleph makes, which is silent! We opened our mouths really big and had no noise come out! Later Allison helped us use our bodies to re-create Aleph by having some friends lie on their bellies and some on their tushies. We had a great discovery and are looking forward to exploring the other 21 Hebrew Letters in weeks to come.

...and our bodies
Allison also continued our exploration of dramatic play by showing us how to be expressive with our bodies. We practiced showing different emotions on our faces, such as surprise, anger, happiness, etc. Then each friend had the chance to pretend to be a different animal - without making a sound! We had to use our bodies to get the other friends to guess what animal we were. Then we went on a safari, using our bodies to portray what it feels like in a dark and chilly cave, when we see different animals, and when we walk on different terrain, like sand or mud. We can’t wait to see what Allison will do with us next week!

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