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Culture Essay

Islam is a monotheistic religion that is articulated by Quran, a text considered as the word of God. Muslims are the adherent of the Islam. Muslims think that God is one and there is nothing that can be compared to anyone and also the purpose of existence of human is love and serve God. They believe that Islam is complete and universal version of primordial faith. Muslims consider that previous message and relevance of God changed or corrupted over time but Quran is yet not altered and has the final relevance to the God (Experiencing the Worlds Religions, 5th edition). There are five pillars of Islam in the religious concepts and practices. There one misunderstanding among the people about Islam is that this religion only practice the rituals those are typical in the world. The outwardly expressions of the Islam religion such as prayers, fastening and worship places have been seemed to be common among the people. Muslim prayer is combination of physical actions, internal feelings and verbal sayings. Fastening means to refrain from all kinds of food, drink and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset (Al Faruqi; Lois Ibsen, 1987, pp. 34).

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