Magical Realism: Consists of juxtaposing European and native perceptions of events  Consequently adopts a narrative that conveys a certain

cultural duality  The distinguishing element in these novels is that they treat native and popular beliefs as valid knowledge rather than exotic folklore o Modern and Non-modern societies exist alongside each other, without one being superior to the other, and this it is in their creative as opposed to destructive interaction that the possibilities of an alternative, transcultural, modernity are to be found.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez o Hundred Years of Solitude o Magical realism really took hold of South America and then it spread to the rest of the world  What is magical realism? o Historically the superstitions that these artists treat seriously in their works arose during the colonial period, in the interstices of the colonial societies, where actual everyday life was governed more by a mixture  Under the Glacier o Published in 1968 o Very meta-fictional o Focused on Snaefellsjoekull saga  People burying the dead on the glacier  What is the measurement of reality?  EmBi represents the two worlds working together o He does shorthand and tape recording o He doesn’t really have strong beliefs  Three areas of philosophy o Ethics – how humans deal with humans o Metaphysics – how humans deal with the great beyond o Ontology – how humans deal with the world around them  Those of us with certain beliefs are completely blind to any other sort of belief system o Example is missionary work, there’s a certain wall where it’s impassable o Nallthora embodies that cultural root

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