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BY:Darlene Zschech (WORSHIPBOOK)

I can still remember going to my first music practice at my church. I was a brand new christian, and very excited 'bout mEeting christian musicians and playing christian music. I knew it was going to be just like heaven! When i arRiveD i nOticeD that even thougH the people were beauTiful, when they sTarteD to play and sing, everyoNe becAme inward and very serious. I tried to fit in w/ the crowd, to be the same as everyoNe around mE. I trieD nOt to laugH toO much & enjoy myself in cAse they thought i wasn't sPiritUal. EventUalLy it hapPeneD at 16 yrS. Of age- i becAme a church singer. It has taken yearS for God to teaCh me to be myself i mustn't be ashameD of the thIngs w/c make me who i am, buT rather be availaBle for God to use me even if i am very much a 'works in pRogresS'. The oNe thIng that God keEpS saying to me is worShip in spirit & in tRuTh, in other words, be yourself. The woNdErful thing aBouT God is that He createD eaCh of us as individuals, unique and very sPecial, to aCcOmplish His purPose for our lifE. As worShip leadErS, singerS and musicians, you should get so exciteD at the aBsoluTe hoNour of leadimg people, froM all walKs of lifE into His presence. It is such a pRivelege. Church is the gathering of the saints together, where as oNe, we can corPorately hoNour our Lord and Saviour. Always remember that church is nOt an enemy. It is a vehicle for seeing unsaveD people receive Christ as Lord. A body of people who join together, raise their hands and worShip God. Colossians 3:14-15 It makes me laugh that musicians and singerS, involved in some churches, are starting to form little overworked and underpaid. They are totally forgetting that God has not called us to be Christhan personalities but rather, to be servants of Christ with no conditions or unnecessary agendas.