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2 .Nestle Pakistan Ltd.

Nestlé is a Switzerland Based International Food Group and is a merger of two companies: Henri Nestlé (1867) + Anglo Swiss (1886) = Merged (1905) Through its effective marketing and a vast sales and distribution network throughout the country. wherever they are. It is present in all five continents.000 employs. has an annual turnover of 74. Introduction: Profile: (SOURCE: www. Nestlé has the unique ability to provide a complete range of food products. It operates in many ways but people. for nutrition and pleasure. Long-term potential is never sacrificed for short-term performance.Nestlé. Nestlé's existing products grow through innovation and renovation while maintaining a balance in geographic activities and product lines.7 billion Swiss Frances.Nestlé. it ensure that its products are made available to consumers whenever. Nestle is the largest food company in the The Company's strategy is guided by several fundamental principles. It is not a faceless corporation catering to faceless consumers. It fulfills its social responsibilities and environment is also taken care of. services and well known brands to meet the needs of consumers around the world. products and brands are the main flag bearers of the company¶s image. Nestlé Pakistan is proud of its commitment to excellence in providing value and services to its consumers Nestlé Pakistan Ltd is registered on the Karachi and Lahore stock exchange. It respects the cultures of the countries it operates in and recognizes the need for quality of life of their people. 153 in America.from infancy to old age. There are 509 factories are running in 83 Nestle is the largest food company in the world. Now Nestlé is undisputed leader in food industry. Nestlé Pakistan envisage to grow in the shortest possible time into a food company with the unique ability to meet the needs of consumers of every age group . Out of which 220 are in Europe. but a human company providing a response to individual human needs. whatever their needs. with more than 509 factories in 83 countries having 231. throughout their lives.Nestle Pakistan Ltd. The Company's priority is to bring the best and most relevant products to people. 136 in Africa and Oceania. www. which would drive growth through innovation and renovation. through development of a large variety of food categories of the highest quality. where ever and however.000 employs. having 231. 3 . Nestlé Pakistan visualizes the company to develop an extremely motivated and professionally trained work force.

Products: ‡ Bottled water  Arrowhead  Deer Park  Perrier  Poland Spring  Pure Life  S.Pellegrino  Vittel ‡ Baby food  Cerelac  Gerber  Gerber Graduates  Mucilon  NaturNes  Nestum ‡ Breakfast cereals        Cheerios Chocapic Cini Minis Cookie Crisp Estrelitas Fitness Nesquik y Chocolate & Confectionery  Smarties  Kitkate y Dairy products  Cerevita  Coffee-Mate  La Laitière  Nido 4 .Nestle Pakistan Ltd.

y Coffee     Nescafé Cappuccino Nescafé Classic Nescafé Decaff Nescafé Dolce Gusto ‡ Petcare           Alpo Beneful Cat Chow Dog Chow Fancy Feast Felix Friskies Gourmet One Pro Plan ‡ Nutrition & health           Boost Clinutren Impact Jenny Craig Nutren Optifast Peptamen Power Bar Resource Yogurt 5 .Nestle Pakistan Ltd.

Competitors: :      Uniliver Cadbury IBL Mitchell¶s Candy land Chart: 6 .Nestle Pakistan Ltd.

They are providing such a good quality of product so that they would attract customer towards their product. o Nestle is eyeing on the market penetration and it is being targeted by devising different marketing strategies. o Attract rival¶s customers y As Nestle is one of the most trusted Brand in FMCG. This increase of demand creates more purchasing as well as consumption. o Selling more of the same products or services in current markets. As the pure water issue is increasing day by day therefore the demand of mineral water is increasing. therefore as Nestle introduce product in market it attract rivals. o Acquire new consumer base by making the products available to the every interior of the country and increase its sales. For Example. it has increase competition in current market.Nestle Pakistan Ltd. In cereal Segment Nestle introduce ³Corn Flakes´ in current market where Fuji was already competing. There are so many rivals o Buy out rivals o Convert non-users into current users y Nestle aims to convert consumers of other companies in to their own customers. As Nestle has introduced Nestle mineral water. ANSOFF¶S MATRIX Market penetration: Nestle is: o Increase rate of purchase/ consumption y Nestle products are widely use in market. to sustain growth. This increases other rivals to bring innovation in their marketing strategies to sustain in market. 7 . Same case with Nestle Nacters and Powdered tea milk like ³Everyday´ and ³NIDO´. o Is experimenting in a big way to bring needed volumes in that severe competition market penetration plays a big role.

Prema. 8 . Nescafe is the most knowable product for coffee lovers. ADAMS. Nestle start its product with Milk Pack then Nestle further develop products like. KINLEY (COCA COLA). under considering the demands of consumers. These strategies often try to sell other products to (regular) clients. Often existing communication channels are used. SUFI. Shezan. FAUJI. BLUEBAND. o Competitor: o o Community coffee is also a coffee company against nestle. But coffee of this brand is not very knowable and comparatively nestle is more preferable. Kellogg's. NURPUR Cadbury. Now a day¶s Nescafe is the 1st priority for many people. These strategies often try to sell other products to (regular) clients. These can be accessories or completely new products. OL-FRUIT (OLPERS). These can be accessories or completely new products. They are attracting consumers by providing different kinds of coffee and with good quality so this is how they convert non-users into current users. Mars PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Sell new products or services in current markets. For example: Nescafe: A product of coffee. MITCHELLES. For example: y In the sell new products or services in current markets.Nestle Pakistan Ltd. COUNTRY. Olpers. HABIB. nestle launched following products. Nestle products Water Cereals Dairy products Juices Milk Chocolate Competitive Products Aquafina (PEPSI).

9 . In this strategy small modifications may be necessary and should beware of cultural differences. such as when we sell the same product for another purpose. They introduced different types of cereals in market like Nesquik is for Kids and Cheerios cereal are for family. Mint. under considering the demands of consumers.  Nestle beverages  Nestle baby food  Nestle Pure Water  Nestle Raita  Nestle Coffee & others  Nestle cereals  pet cares MARKET DEVELOPMENT: Nestle has won their consumer¶s trust through good quality & purity in their products. y Nestle Raita is also an example. For example: Breakfast cereals are the example for market development. they simply increases their produce line and introduces new product in the same market they have begun with the simple raita and they extended it to different flavours e.g. Often existing communication channels are used. Zeera etc.Nestle Pakistan Ltd. nestle launched following products. They know that consumers would never compromise on quality Sell more of the same products or services in new markets. Nestle start its product with Milk Pack then Nestle further develop products like. These strategies often try to attract clients away from competitors or introduce existing products in foreign markets or introduce new brand names in a market.

DIVERSIFICATION: Sell new products or services in new markets. people have developed the taste of keeping Pet. Related Diversification means that we remain in a market or industry with which we are familiar. In foreign pet cares is as important as taking care of a human But now in Pakistan. On the other hand diversification strategies also can decrease risk. Pet food is also a new product for the new market which is Pakistan. Gourmet Etc. As it expands into different product lines. but there is no trend of keep pet in our house as it is in other countries. namely related and unrelated diversification. There are two Types of diversification. Often this is focus to explain why the company enters new markets with new products. Nestle needs to be flexible in its manufacturing and other value chain activities. These strategies are the most risky type of strategies. For example: Alpo.  Nestle used to introduce products relate to human care but now they introduced pet care in Pakistan as well  There are many pet loving people in Pakistan. This is where we market completely new products to new customers. So as we know that there is also a different type of food for different people so nestle also introduces pet food. Dog Chow. 10 .Nestle Pakistan Ltd.