O’Brien took the comic Sutcliffe was holding and said what the fuck you got here Sutcliffe? give it back O’Brien he went to snatch back the comic O’Brien held it away hey Davies see what Sutcliffe’s got inside the comic cover and he showed Davies the magazine of women in all states of undress look at the tits on her Davies said give it back Sutcliffe said O’Brien showed you the centre fold of some woman posing in a position you thought most uncomfortable come on O’Brien give it to me in case a prefect sees it

and we're hauled in front of Thompson and get caned O’Brien scanned through more pages with Davies looking over his shoulder where did you get this magazine from Sutcliffe? found it he said where? Davies asked somewhere Sutcliffe muttered where somewhere? O’Brien said Sutcliffe looked at you then around the playground of the school under my old man's shoes in the cupboard he said quietly you looked at O’Brien gaping at the magazine his eyes peering intently look at her Davies fancy waking up with her beside you huh? Davies grinned and pulled the page

to show you the woman had a mole on her left breast you noticed Sutcliffe snatched back the magazine and pulled the comic cover back in place Davies laughed and O’Brien said you're a dirty young man Sutcliffe you enjoyed the look Sutcliffe said as he stuffed the comic into his inside coat pocket and buttoned it up any more under your old man's shoes? O’Brien asked no Sutcliffe said just that one shame Davies said you noticed Mr Austin’s sports car drive into the playground his pockmarked face

staring at you from his car seat Austin’s arrived Sutcliffe said you all watched as he parked his car then looked away as he made his way towards you all the sky was grey the start of Fall.