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2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey


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Friday, September 23, 2011

UNDERSTANDING OF CONFIDENTIALITY This survey questionnaire should be completed with the understanding that: o o o Organization identity and compensation or benefit information will remain confidential and will not be released without advanced approval by the organization. The contents and the resulting survey report will not be used in collective bargaining sessions or in grievance proceedings by either MSEC or the organization. The resulting survey will be used solely to assist in guiding the effective management of compensation or benefit programs.

Please make a photocopy of your completed questionnaire for your records

1799 Pennsylvania Street P.O. Box 539 Denver, Colorado 80201-0539 303 839 5177 (main) 303 861 0135 (fax) (email)

General Information Questionnaire Directions and Definitions Job Code Accounting
01 03 51 04 06 07 08 09 10 11 Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk Restaurant (Store) Accountant Lease/Property Accountant Payroll Clerk Payroll Supervisor/Manager Treasury Analyst Director of Treasury Corporate Accounting Manager Tax Manager/Director Assistant Controller 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2

Job Code Page Training

24 25 26 27 Training Admin./Coordinator Training Manager (design focus) Training Director NRO/Field Training Manager

4 4 4 4

28 29 30 31 32 33 Graphic Designer (work focus) Creative Manager (design focus) Marketing Coordinator Marketing Manager Marketing Director Local Store Marketing Specialist 4 4 5 5 5 5

12 13 14 Financial Analyst Senior Financial Analyst Manager of Finance 2 2 2

Construction / Real Estate

34 35 75 36 76 37 54 Construction Coordinator Facilities Maintenance Manager Construction Project Manager Construction Director Manager Construction Design Director of Construction Design Real Estate Manager 5 5 5 5 6 6 6

Human Resources/Benefits
15 16 17 18 19 20 52 73 53 74 Human Resources Generalist Benefits Generalist/Administrator Compensation Analyst Recruiter Manager of Recruiting Benefits Manager Compensation Manager Compensation/Benefits Manager Regional Human Resources Manager Director of Human Resources 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3

Purchasing / Supply Chain

38 39 41 42 77 78 79 Purchasing Coordinator Manager of Purchasing Manager of Equipment Purchasing Director of Purchasing Supply Chain Analyst Supply Chain Manager Supply Chain Director 6 6 6 6 6 6 7

Franchise (Operations & Sales)

21 22 23 Franchise Consultant Director of Franchise Sales Director of Franchise Operations 3 3 4

Research & Development

44 45 Manager of Research & Development Director of Research & Development 7 7

* Denotes a new position ** Denotes a change in job title/description

Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey



Job Code Miscellaneous
47 48 80 81 49 50 82 Customer Service Coordinator QSC Specialist QA Analyst QA Manager Lease Administrator POS Manager Licensing Coordinator 7 7 7 7 7 7 8


Job Code Executive

62 63 83 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 Chief Executive Officer Chief Operations Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President Operations Vice President Finance/Accounting Vice President Information Technology Vice President Human Resources/Training Vice President Purchasing/Distribution Vice President Marketing Vice President Design/Construction Vice President Real Estate Vice President Franchising

8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Restaurant Operations
55 56 57 58 59 60 61 Multi-Unit Manager I Multi-Unit Manager II Kitchen Manager General Manager Assistant Manager (bonus eligible) Shift Supervisor Catering Sales Specialist 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

You have 4 OPTIONS when submitting your survey data.

1 2 3 4 5

Rate Sheet Enter your data on the rate sheet included in the enclosed job description booklet. Be sure to make copies of the rate sheet before you begin. Survey forms electronically Go to, select surveys, click on Questionnaires and follow the directions to download the forms to your computer. You can also contact and request the electronic collection forms be emailed to you. Complete the questionnaire online Go to You will need your password (access code) found on the cover page of this document. Spreadsheet or Database If you currently have your salary data in a spreadsheet or database file, we can accept your data electronically without any conversion on your part. Be sure the file includes the MSEC job code, your job title, the salary range and individual rates of pay, and how the data is reported (annually, hourly, etc.). It is not necessary to include any additional information in your file. E-Mail You can e-mail your data to us, whether it is in a word processing package, spreadsheet or database. As with the above options, be sure the file includes the MSEC job code and how the data is reported. Please e-mail your data to:

Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey



Please familiarize yourself with all instructions before filling out the questionnaire. No organizations structure or job descriptions will match exactly the jobs outlined in this survey. It is critical that participating organizations match their jobs as closely as possible. Our objective is to provide survey results that accurately reflect competitive pay levels for jobs involving work of a similar nature and performed at a similar skill level.

Use data closest to, but not later

than August 27, 2011. If rates will change within next 30 days, please report new rates.

working with job matches and assists you in completing future surveys.

Submitting Survey Data Please see the options on the Options page. Report employees located in corporate facility in Colorado. May also report incumbents located outside of Colorado if the position is paid by corporate and does not receive a geographic differential. Photocopy questionnaire(s) Please photocopy your completed questionnaire(s) for your records. Review job descriptions. Do not merely match job titles. It is the content of the job that determines a good match. Note jobs with several levels. Please read all descriptions before determining a match. Report only Employees who spend 70% or more of their time in the described function. Do not report the same employee in more than one job. Do not try to force match every employee. It is not necessary that you report all your employees, nor is it necessary that you report for every job in the survey. Report FULL-TIME Regular Employees. Employees working at least 35 hours per week or are fully equivalent. Job title and code Please provide your organizations job title and MSEC job code in the space provided by each job. This helps us in

Functional Manager: This manager manages a function, not people. May have administrative support but no functional employees. Report actual rates Report the number of employees receiving each actual rate. Do not report averages.

Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey


Annual $ Bonus/Incentive If the incumbent is eligible for additional compensation (bonuses / incentives) as a percentage of base salary or lump-sum payment, provide the annual cash incentive for the LAST fiscal / calendar year. Target Total Cash Compensation Includes annual salary plus $ bonus/incentive incumbent is PROJECTED to receive in the CURRENT fiscal/calendar year. States with Geographic Differential Please specify additional states where a geographic differential is paid for positions. Use standard U.S. Postal Code abbreviations. (i.e. California = CA) Report established rate range Formally established limits of pay for a given job. Exclude step progressions (wage increases granted at fixed intervals based solely on length of service). Not all organizations have rate ranges.

Minimum - The lowest rate that can be paid to an entry-level employee who is qualified to perform the minimum requirements of the job. Maximum - The highest rate an employee can obtain in the job. Note: Please do not report the lowest actual rate of pay and the highest actual rate of pay for the rate range. We are surveying formally established ranges only.

Exclude: - rates for unique situations, such as demotion or accommodation; where an incumbent is paid more/less than you would normally pay for the position; - part-time employees (employees working fewer than 35 per week; - shift premiums, overtime premiums, lead differentials, and - temporary and seasonal employees. Include: - Additional compensation granted in equal amounts to all employees in a job (e.g., cost-of-living accumulations). - Established rate range even if position is vacant.

Any questions about a job match or filling out this questionnaire should be directed to the MSEC Surveys Department at (303) 839 5177. Please return by Friday, September 23, 2011.

Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey



1.00 Full Organization Name: Name of Person Completing Questionnaire: Street Address and Zip Code (if different than on cover): Phone Number: FAX Number: E-mail

2.0 Total current corporate employment size 3.0 Total current employee size (all locations): 4.0 Total company revenue: $ 5.0 Number of franchise locations: 6.0 Number of corporate locations: 7.0 Total number of company units: 8.0 Which type of service best fits your restaurant? 1.0 Limited Service (May have tables) 2.0 Full Service (Sit down with table service)

9.0 What is the total average percentage increase received or projected to receive during 2011 and 2012 for the following categories: PAY Include merit, general, longevity, cost-of living, etc. for the average employee 2011 2012 % % Comments or explanation: % % PAY STRUCTURE Pay Range Adjustment 2011 % % 2012 % %


Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey



A task force meeting is held biennially for each of our surveys. We need volunteers to revise current job descriptions, establish new ones, or recommend changes for our survey. If you can help, please complete the following information. We will contact you when a meeting is scheduled. Name Title Organization Telephone Number Email Address Check One: MSEC Member Non-Member

To keep our compensation surveys up-to-date, we ask for your input. Please list any positions and/or changes you would like to see in future surveys. Remember, in order for a position to publish, we must have at least three participants reporting data.

01 Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk Posts accounts payable vouchers and then enters it on voucher register. Posts balances in ledger. Verifies invoices, account codes and checks for discrepancies. Typically requires knowledge of basic bookkeeping procedures. High school diploma required. Work Space: 03 Restaurant (Store) Accountant Primarily responsible for the accurate and timely completion of the close process and financial statements. Performs store audits, analyze and reconcile selected balance sheet accounts. Communicates, supports, and answers questions for store managers on a weekly basis. Coordinates the close process with other departments and ensures timely/accurate distribution of reports within it. Requires a BS in Accounting or Business and 0-2 years of accounting experience. Work Space: 51 Lease/Property Accountant Supports the accounting function in the area of property/leases/fixed assets. May reconcile accounts such as CAM, Capital Expenditures, and rent payments. Typically requires a bachelors degree in business or accounting and 2-4 years of experience. Work Space: 04 Payroll Clerk Records, maintains, checks, and balances time cards and salary changes through payroll for accurate calculation of employee pay. Compiles time worked from time cards or records and calculates pay including standard deductions and taxes. Prepares input for automated payroll checks. Work is performed according to detailed procedures. Basic understanding of accounting principles, payroll taxes, and government payroll regulations. Developed math aptitude and detail orientation needed. Ability to perform assignments with minimal supervision and under tight deadlines. High school diploma required. Work Space:

06 Payroll Supervisor/Manager Manages the preparation and distribution of the organizations hourly and salaried payrolls for single or multiple locations. Oversees the maintenance of earnings and deduction records. Ensures that all federal, state and local taxes, Social Security contributions, contributions to employee benefit programs, and other deductions are withheld from individual paychecks. Directs the preparation and filing of required reports and/or payments to government agencies, insurance carriers, other organizations and individual employees. Serves as liaison with other departments, units, or locations in the resolution of payroll problems. Recommends changes in methods or procedures to improve the efficiency of the payroll function. May have direct reports. Work Space: 07 Treasury Analyst Performs analyses and assists in recommendations on a variety of treasury activities including, but not limited to, internal investment activity, external investments, banking relationships, cash management, and investor relations. Assists in the development of funding and investment strategies for corporate assets (including benefits programs), prepares materials for external security and analysts, conducts lease versus buy analyses, monitors companys cost of capital, etc. Work Space: 08 Director of Treasury Directs employees engaged in various activities related to cash management, banking and/or investments. Develops and implements financial and investment forecasts and strategies to meet company needs. Establishes and maintains relations with outside financial institutions. May also have responsibility for Risk Management. Typically reports to a Vice President level. Work Space: 09 Corporate Accounting Manager Assigns, directs and monitors work of staff in the maintenance and preparation of ledgers, journals, and financial statements. Reviews account reconciliations, accruals and financial statements for reasonableness and compliance with accounting principles. Challenges unsubstantiated balances and ensures problems are resolved. Analyzes and prepares reports as required. Thorough knowledge of accounting principles, company and federal regulations, policies, and procedures as they related to financial statements. Strong interpersonal, organizational, planning and communication skills are required. Ability to use the computer to prepare and retrieve reports and data. Bachelors degree in accounting with four to six years of progressive accounting experience. May have a CPA. Work Space:

2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey

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10 Tax Manager/Director Responsible for managing and directing all activities regarding tax research, planning, and compliance required of the organization. Works to optimize the tax obligation of the organization. Assures that all appropriate tax returns and payments are filed in a timely manner. Typically found in companies that do not have separate tax compliance, tax reporting, and/or tax research departments. Frequently reports to a CFO, Top Tax Executive, or Controller. Work Space: 11 Assistant Controller Assists in the direction of the organizations accounting functions. Areas of focus include accounts payable, cost accounting, and financial reporting. Assists the Corporate Controller in the development and maintenance of planning and budgeting systems, the preparation of financial and management reports and procedures, and the presentation of findings and specific recommendations to senior management. Duties may also include training and managing other accounting staff. Frequently reports to a Controller. Work Space:

15 Human Resources Generalist Provides support in several functional areas of human resources including but not limited to recruitment and employment, personnel records, employee relations, job evaluation, compensation management, benefits administration, organizational development, training, and AA/EEO. Assists in the development and implementation of HR policies and procedures and their dissemination through employee booklets, communications, and/or meetings. Prepares reports in conformance with legislated requirements or organization needs. Typically requires a bachelor's degree. Work Space: 16 Benefits Generalist/Administrator Provides support to the benefits function. Assists with the administration of corporate benefit programs and may respond to benefit questions, claims processing and may act as liaison between employee and insurance company. Consults with and advises employees on eligibility, plan interpretation and communicates benefits programs. Performs open enrollment activities, maintains files and forms. Compiles and analyzes data as requested. Typically requires a high school diploma or its equivalent and 3-5 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Work Space: 17 Compensation Analyst Administers company compensation programs, evaluates and analyzes salary data for positions, administers and completes salary surveys and updates salary ranges according to pay philosophy. Analyzes positions using established evaluation system, develops job descriptions and evaluates jobs to determine grade and proper overtime classification. May develop and recommend compensation administration policies and procedures; assists with merit process and adherence to guidelines. Typically requires a bachelor's degree in a related area and 0-3 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Work Space: 18 Recruiter Screens, interviews and recommends placement of candidates for entry and management level positions from both internal and external sources. Extends offers of employment, administers pre-employment testing, checks references, and may conduct orientations and exit interviews. Participates in job fairs and determines best way to recruit, e.g., internet, direct contact, employee referrals, outside recruiter, etc. Typically requires a bachelor's degree in a related area and 0-3 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Work Space:

12 Financial Analyst Under general supervision, responsible for conducting and documenting moderate to complex financial analysis projects. Typically requires a Bachelors degree and two to four years of experience. Work Space: 13 Senior Financial Analyst Under general supervision, prepares financial and business related analyses and research in such areas as financial and expense performance, rate of return, depreciation, working capital, and investments. Prepares forecasts and analyzes trends in sales, finance, general business conditions and other related areas. Compiles and prepares reports, graphs and charts of data. Conducts special financial and business related studies and cooperates with other departments in the preparation of analyses. Work Space: 14 Manager of Finance Responsible for the preparation, coordination, and documentation of financial analysis projects. Typically directs a group of financial analysts. Conducts or participates in the most complex financial analysis projects. Provides advice and direction to less-experienced financial analysts. Reports to head of department. Work Space:

2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey

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19 Manager of Recruiting Manages the recruiting and selection process for a company to employ, place, and/or transfer internal and external executives, managers, professionals, technicians and support staff to ensure adequate staffing. Identifies sources of candidates, initiates and maintains relationships with outside sources (e.g., employment agencies, recruiters, colleges, and job fair sponsors). Directs the design and placement of employment advertising; evaluates the criteria and testing techniques to ensure compliance with job KSAs. Typically requires a bachelor's degree in a related area and at least 5 - 8 years of experience in the field. Work Space: 20 Benefits Manager Designs, plans and administers corporate benefit programs, policies and procedures and acts as liaison to insurance vendors. Makes recommendations on cost containment strategies, ensures benefits meet companys needs and are in compliance with ERISA and other laws related to benefits administration. Maintains benefit records and documents, audits invoices for accuracy, oversees open enrollment activities and manages exceptions to benefits plan guidelines. Typically requires a bachelor's degree in a related area and at least 5 years of experience in the field. Work Space: 52 Compensation Manager Directs the design, implementation, and administration of compensation programs including job evaluation, salary administration, annual and long-term management cash incentives, sales compensation, area differentials, cash incentives, and supplemental pay programs. Typically coordinates the design and administration of executive programs including stock options, perquisites, deferred compensation, long-term incentives, and other executive programs. Administers performance appraisal and salary administration programs. May also supervise HRIS. Frequently reports to a Top Compensation & Benefits Executive or Top Human Resources Executive. Work Space: 73 Compensation / Benefits Manager Designs, develops, implements, and monitors all organization employee compensation and benefits policies, practices, and programs. Directs non-exempt and exempt staff in the administration of: salary and incentive, insurance (such as medical, dental, vision, life and disability), pension /retirement, paid time off, leaves of absence, and service awards programs. Interprets, evaluates, modifies, and updates existing policies/programs; makes recommendation to management for implementing changes. Ensures compliance with government wage and benefits regulations. Frequently reports to a Top Compensation & Benefits Executive or Top Human Resources Executive. Work Space:

53 Regional Human Resources Manager Has responsibility for facilitating and directing the implementation of human resource policies in the field. This position represents the primary day-to-day contact that storelevel managers and employees have with the human resource function. Typically reports to a Multi-Unit Manager, the Head of Human Resources or the Head of Brand Human Resources. Work Space: 74 Director of Human Resources Plans, directs and carries out policies relating to all phases of personnel activity. Recruits, interviews, and selects employees to fill vacant positions. Plans and conducts new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward company goals. Keeps record of insurance coverage, pension plan, and personnel transactions, such as hires, promotions, transfers, and terminations. Investigates accidents and prepares reports for insurance carrier. Conducts wage survey within labor market to determine competitive wage rates. Prepares budget of personnel operations. May be responsible for evaluating and suggesting new benefit or compensation structures or changes to existing plans. Typically requires a bachelor's degree with at least 7-10 years experience in Human Resources. Generally manages a group of human resources professionals. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Typically reports to a Top Human Resources Executive. Work Space:


21 Franchise Consultant Provides operational support to ensure franchisee is equipped with the tools and knowledge to run a profitable restaurant. Acts as a liaison between franchisee and corporate office. Works with minimal supervision and relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. May require an associates degree in a related area or at least 4 years of experience in the restaurant field. Typically reports to a senior manager. Work Space: 22 Director of Franchise Sales Sells franchises to potential franchisees. Requires a bachelor's degree with at least 12 years of experience in the field. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to top management. Work Space:

2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey

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23 Director of Franchise Operations Responsible for overall store operations and profits within a particular region. Oversees a variety of staff functions. Requires a bachelors degree with at least 7 years of experience in the restaurant field. Familiar with a variety of the restaurant fields concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Leads and directs the work of others. Typically reports to top management. Work Space:

24 Training Admin./Coordinator Responsible for coordinating the recruiting process, administration of the training program and ongoing development of managers within the system. May assist in the development and execution of new training programs. Assists franchisees in new restaurant openings. Coordinates weekly training schedules. Tracks development and conducts followup for all MITs. Participates in weekly manpower planning to determine placement of trainees following training. Work Space 25 Training Manager (design focus) Involved in plan design, enhancement and delivery for company training program. Responsible for the overall execution of the MIT training program. May train new deployments and support day-to-day restaurant operations. Familiar with a variety of the company's concepts, practices, and procedures. May lead and direct the work of others. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. May conduct company training programs. Monitors and reports on the effectiveness of training on employees during the MIT training program and for career development. Work Space: 26 Training Director Oversees the design, development, test, monitor, evaluation and revision of management raining programs and materials for all levels of the organization. Establishes an ongoing training and development curriculum for all levels of the organization. Researches new training techniques and suggests enhancements to existing training programs. Contracts with vendors for employee participation in outside training programs. Generally manages a group of training managers and/or specialists. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Work Space:

27 NRO / Field Training Manager Conducts company training programs. Provides coordination of all aspects of training for new restaurant openings. Provides training support for Management of new restaurants through the opening week. Coordinates the on-site efforts of new restaurant opening teams to include NRO trainer staffing, scheduling and travel arrangements. Projects and reconciles individual training budgets for each new opening. Ensures that new opening training expenditures meet or come under budget expectations. Creates, maintains and continues ongoing future development of NRO training programs and associated materials. Work Space:

28 Graphic Designer (work focus) Provides in-house graphic design and production services and to design/maintain internal Graphic Department and corporate web sites. Manages projects and the marketing process for the concept including design, production, project management, and print buying for all graphic related materials. Develops and maintains strong working relationships with all local marketing managers, restaurant managers and regional managers to facilitate healthy communication and mutual trust. Develops and maintains strong working relationships with printing vendors to ensure quality, timeliness, and cost containment. Designs and maintains internal web site for graphics department (job log, logo info, etc.) design support for internal and external web site. Assists Creative Manager to meet deadlines and menu rollouts as well as reinforce graphic standards and brand through design and contribution of new ideas/designs. Work Space: 29 Creative Manager (design focus) Responsible for the development and production of strategic branding. Possesses a strong working knowledge of current design / advertising trends and styles. Excellent management skills to balance multiple projects simultaneously. A varied/ multi disciplined background a plus, i.e., brand design, advertising, promotional. Works in a creative team environment with superior communication skills for both internal and external presentations. Able to direct and lead creative and/or outside resources including but not limited to designers, illustrators, photographers, structural designers, etc. Strong print production background. A working knowledge of Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, Quark and Indesign is required. Work Space:

2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey

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30 Marketing Coordinator Support the Marketing team and assist in the administrative functions of the Marketing Department. Provide Local Restaurant Marketing support, including coordinating tools for the LSM promotions, coordination mailings, national promotion support, fulfillment of loyalty programs and communication between field marketing managers and home office. Analyzes field spending in Marketing accounts; generate excel reports as requested. Supports loyalty programs as assigned. May perform administrative duties for marketing team. Includes but not limited to tasks such as copying, filing, faxing, invoices and shipping, organizational responsibility for departmental systems, maintaining photo library, travel schedules and clipping services. Work Space: 31 Marketing Manager Responsible for optimizing restaurant sales and profitability by identifying, developing, and implementing local and regional marketing projects within assigned regions. Provides professional marketing support, direction, leadership and customer service. Develops local marketing plans & strategies. Presents and trains local marketing opportunities and procedures to General Manager and Regional Managers. Creates tools for internal and external communication for regional and store-level promotions through points of purchase and print advertising. Coordinates marketing aspects of new store openings; maximizes market introduction, and consistent brand quality. May complete LSM (local restaurant marketing) cost audits on a quarterly basis and ensure marketing budget adherence at the store level. Work Space: 32 Marketing Director Responsible for formulating, establishing, and implementing brand strategy and direction for one concept. Includes the development and implementation of national marketing and public relations programs for corporate and franchise stores. Plans, organizes, and implements national research initiatives and national marketing programs. Participates in menu development process. Ensures that standards are met in design, menu, advertising, and communication programs. Ensures that marketing polices and plans meet franchisee needs. Provides leadership and support to graphics department with regards to marketing projects. Supervises local marketing teams and manages the marketing staff. Work Space: 33 Local Store Marketing Specialist Exercises discretion, creative thinking and independent judgment to profitably increase sales and generate/increase brand awareness. Directs special events marketing and the special events budget; directs local store marketing activities for select corporate markets/restaurants. Direct grand opening marketing activities and manage the grand opening budget for all corporate restaurants; direct LSM activities for select corporate markets; may supervise marketing interns. Work Space 2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey


34 Construction Coordinator Responsible for creating, securing and maintaining all necessary documents for re-models, new construction, and maintenance projects, including maintaining, closing and reconciling all project files. Works directly with restaurant and construction personnel to resolve problems and issues on restaurant maintenance repair and projects. High school diploma or GED is required. Two years in a construction related field and one year of general accounting background is preferred. Work Space: 35 Facilities Maintenance Manager Oversees and coordinates all repair, maintenance, and remodels of restaurants. Administers all preventive maintenance agreements with approved service agencies to ensure efficient and cost effective operations. Prepares construction estimates and budgets for management approvals. Reviews architectural plans and coordinates permits and distribution. Prepares construction contract documents for the contract coordinator. Supervises multiple projects to ensure budgets and time schedules are met. Three to five years of facilities maintenance experience, 3-5 years of multirestaurant/retail construction, with at least 3 years in the restaurant industry preferred. Work Space: 75 Construction Project Manager Manages construction issues for an assigned geography, including new restaurant development, remodeling, and site maintenance. Responsibilities include preparing site checks, cost estimates, and site construction plan preparation, obtaining and evaluating contractors cost proposals, and representing the company at public hearings. Work Space: 36 Construction Director Directs the activities of the construction department, including new ground up facilities, remodeling of existing facilities, and expansions of existing facilities. Manages all facets of restaurant construction, accounting for technical, time, and budget constraints. May supervise Construction Project Managers or Facilities Managers. Requires 7 to 10 years of construction experience, preferably in the restaurant industry. Usually reports to the Top Construction/Design/Maintenance position. Work Space:

Page 5

76 Manager Construction Design Supports the Development and/or Construction department by managing the interior and exterior design evolution of the company trade dress. Manages the execution and approval of space plans, exterior signage and construction drawings for corporate and franchise restaurants. May also manage multiple outsourced or permanent placement architects and their workloads/schedules. Maintains and manages corporate standard template drawings. May be a Functional Manager in smaller organizations. Work Space: 37 Director of Construction Design Directs the Construction design department. Provide design solutions, working drawings, construction bidding, and coordination expertise for corporate and franchise properties. Consult with and advises corporate staff on construction related issues. Manage and direct all design and production of Construction Documents for numerous new construction or remodel projects for franchisees and corporate capital expenditures. Provides in house design to assist and develop restaurant concepts. Manages a department of design or project engineers. Seven to 10 years of experience required; preferably at least five years in restaurant design. Typically reports to the Top Construction/Design/Maintenance position. Work Space: 54 Real Estate Manager Establishes and executes a real estate development plan for an assigned geography. Performs market research to define real estate development short- and long-term plans and forecasting. Negotiates business terms and conditions of contracts. Maintains on-going communication of contract status with appropriate business contacts such as attorneys, finance, design and construction, to ensure that contracts are aligned with and support the company's real estate development plan. Work Space:

39 Manager of Purchasing Oversees the activities of the purchasing department. Ensures contracts with suppliers and vendors are consistent with corporate objectives. Bachelors degree in business, finance or related area with 3-5 years of progressive purchasing experience. Work Space: 41 Manager of Equipment Purchasing (Functional Manager) Directs the purchasing function for equipment to ensure an uninterrupted supply at optimum cost, and with the policies and guidelines established by management. Establishes and implements procedures for procuring equipment. Consolidates major purchases to secure the best possible pricing by leverage. Negotiates long-term contracts to ensure optimum costs and reliable supply. Maintains relationships with vendors and contractors to ensure good, reliable sources of supply and information. Ensures through and complete purchase and inventory records to provide accurate accounting of all purchased goods and services. Bachelors degree in business, finance or related area. This is an individual contributor position purchasing a large volume of equipment. Work Space: 42 Director of Purchasing Directs the purchasing function of a major group(s) of materials, e.g., equipment, food, paper, to ensure uninterrupted supply at optimum cost, and within the policies and guidelines established by management. Participates in major contract negotiations to secure consistent supplies and competitive prices. Work Space: 77 Supply Chain Analyst Within the supply chain/purchasing function, coordinates duties such as price auditing, communication, vendor relationships, inventory management, and customer relationships. Work Space: 78 Supply Chain Manager Manages and coordinates several logistics management functions such as distributor relations, inventory management, logistics, demand planning, forecasting, and transportation. May negotiate with third party providers. May work with suppliers and customers to establish best supply chain solutions. Work Space:


38 Purchasing Coordinator Provide administrative support to the Purchasing/Production department. Duties may include work with purchase orders and invoices, as well as order entry and maintenance of spreadsheets, pricing information, and vendor information. Works with suppliers and vendors to obtain quotes and information, but this is not a buyer position. Requires two to four years of general office experience, preferably in the purchasing area. Work Space:

2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey

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79 Supply Chain Director Manages and directs several supply chain activities such as material procurement, vendor selection, logistics, and distribution. Negotiates with third party providers. Works with suppliers and customers to establish best supply chain solutions. Work Space:


44 Manager of Research & Development Under direction, researches, develops and evaluates new products (including scratch recipes) and procedures, recommending changes in the composition of products based on competitive conditions, anticipated customer reactions, and operational considerations. Performs quality assurance investigations for concept on products, procedures and kitchen equipment. Procures, coordinates and prepares food products for still shots and television commercials and for Marketing Department focus groups. May test and evaluate new kitchen equipment for use in restaurants. May work in conjunction with the Training Department. Typically requires 4-6 years of experience. Work Space: 45 Director of Research & Development Is responsible for the successful development, testing, and implementation of new products and product improvements. Identifies potential vendors. Validates development efforts through sensory testing. Develops in-store procedures and evaluates and optimizes operational performance. Identifies and resolves product issues. Develops specification for new ingredients and determines shelf life, packaging and handling requirements. Prepares food costs and analysis and ensures cost-effectiveness in product formulation. May recruit, hire, and train department staff, evaluate staff performance, and develop goals and objectives for staff. May work in conjunction with the Training Department. Typically requires 7-10 years of experience. Work Space:

48 QSC Specialist (Quality, Foodservice, Cleanliness) Ensures uniformity and system-wide adaptation for all restaurants in the chain, specifically within assigned territory. Conducts monthly quality assurance visits at the store level and communicates findings to corporate office. Works with minimal supervision and relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. May require an associates degree in a related area or at least 4 years of experience in the restaurant field. Typically reports to a senior manager. Work Space: 80 QA Analyst Responsible for the monitoring, analysis and performance of products, suppliers and distributors by means of quality and food safety standards and regulatory standards. Additional core responsibilities may consist of executing corrective actions with suppliers and distributors to reduce specification non-compliance and consumer product quality complaints. Work Space: 81 QA Manager Manages all aspects of quality assurance and food safety and related staff. Responsibilities may include crisis management, state and federal regulations, vendor management, product tests in conjunction with R&D and operations, product recalls, and RFP management for new vendors and products. Work Space: 49 Lease Administrator Responsible for the administration of all corporate owned stores leases including initial review, implementation, documentation and organization in order to properly account for and ensure proper payment for all leases. Provides lease renewal/negotiation services for the division/region and serves as a liaison between leasers and management. May recommend appropriate site selection and be responsible for excess property disposal. This position is a high-level individual contributor and not an entry-level job. Work Space: 50 POS Manager Maintains, analyzes, troubleshoots, and repairs POS systems. Provides direction and makes recommendations regarding implementation of hardware and software for the POS system. Manages the creation of images for POS terminals and serves as point of escalation from franchisee to POS vendor as necessary. May require an associates degree or its equivalent. Requires at least 4 years of experience with POS systems or in a related area. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Typically reports to senior manager. Work Space:

47 Customer Service Coordinator Respond to telephone/email inquiries about the companys menu and/or services by following standard scripts and procedures. Investigate and resolve customer complaints. Research special requests for information and respond back to the customer. Alerts management of trends or matters requiring special and/or immediate attention. Tracks questions/answers and report data to management. May participate in tracking Mystery Shop scoring and analysis. Work Space:

2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey

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82 Licensing Coordinator Oversees all operating and special events permits, with a primary focus on liquor licenses. Ensures on-going compliance with all federal, state, and local agencies. Maintains liquor license database. Processes contract cancellation notices. Requires strong organizational skills and a minimum of 2 years previous experience. Work Space:

59 Assistant Manager (bonus eligible) Performs basically the same duties as the restaurant manager, except is only accountable for the unit when physically present. Requires less company experience than the restaurant managers position, but must be fully capable of running the unit. May manage the restaurant during low-or high-volume periods, opening and closing hours, etc. Assumes overall responsibility for operation of the restaurant in the managers absence. Where company design specifies two or more distinct levels of assistant manager, this is the highest level. Work Space: 60 Shift Supervisor Provides restaurant management support in an hourly capacity, performing duties along side, or in the absence of, restaurant management. Is competent to perform all duties within the restaurant and may have opening/closing responsibilities. May also be called a Third Key. Work Space: 61 Catering Sales Specialist Administers the sales and organizational aspects of a concepts catering program to increase sales and enhance program logistics and effectiveness. Coordinates catering orders in a specific area (usually geographic), including dispatching orders to restaurants in a close proximity and up-selling orders when possible. Reports catering statistics and trends as needed. Work Space:

55 Multi-Unit Manager I Directs the operation of a number of company-owned restaurants in a geographically or otherwise defined area. Directly manages Restaurant Managers to ensure compliance with applicable business unit policies, practices, and objectives. May participate in marketing development for the region. Typically reports to a Multi-Unit Manager II. Work Space: 56 Multi-Unit Manager II Directly manages a group of Multi-Unit Managers, level I. Ensures compliance with applicable policies, practices, and objectives and formulates sales/operating strategies for an entire business unit (geographic or otherwise). Work Space: 57 Kitchen Manager Directs the activities of the production department in accordance with specifications and procedures. Plans and schedules daily food production in relation to anticipated demand. Ensures food quality, portion control, and production cost control. Recruits and trains all back-of-the house hourly employees. Is often responsible for controlling food inventory, maintenance of kitchen equipment, sanitation and housekeeping. Work Space: 58 General Manager Has responsibility for directing the daily operations of a single restaurant. Operates in accordance with prescribed policies and practices. Recruits and trains staff. Ensures compliance with standards for customer relations, food costs, labor costs, safety, sanitation, and product preparation. May participate in image-building activities within the local community. As highest management position within unit, is accountable for the unit and its operations at all times, whether physically present or not. Reports to a Multi-Unit Manager I. Work Space:

62 Chief Executive Officer 63 Chief Operations Officer 83 Chief Financial Officer 64 Vice President Operations 65 Vice President Finance / Accounting 66 Vice President Information Technology 67 Vice President Human Resources / Training 68 Vice President Purchasing / Distribution 69 Vice President Marketing 70 Vice President Design / Construction 71 Vice President Real Estate 72 Vice President Franchising

2011 Chain Restaurant Compensation Survey

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