10/30/12 at 9:45 am Town Denning Denning Esopus Esopus Esopus Gardiner Hurley Kingston Lloyd Lloyd Marbletown Marbletown Marlboro Marlboro

Marlboro Marlboro New Paltz Olive Olive Olive Olive Olive Olive Olive Olive Plattekill Plattekill

Time Road Closure List Yagerville Rd/Cty Rt 46 West Branch Rd Millbrook Road River Road Winding Brook Road 44/55 & 299 Spillway Abeel Street Hawleys Corners Rd North Riverside Road Kripplebush Rd/Cty Rt 2 Route 209 184 Mt Zion Road North Road Lattentown Rd at Box 383 Plattekill Road John Street Acorn Hill Road Brown Road Dubois Rd/Cty Rt Krom Road Mill Road Ridge Road Route 28 Rt 28 A Church Street Milton Tpk/Tuckers

Cross Street 1 Phill Martin Rd Winnisook Lake Connelly Esopus Fire Dist Black Creek Intersection Baker at Wilbur Martin Ave Jane Wood Maartyn Rd Duck Pond Road Truncall Bingham Road Bingham Road Prospect Hill Blue Stone Path Leigh Anne Way Mountain Road County Rt 2 Weber Lane Winchells Corners Watson Hollow Rd Summerset Drive Intersec Milton

Cross Street 2 Mill Rd Pole 165 and 197 Salem Pt Ewen Rd Closure the River Vinegar Marx Pond Upper North Woodland Rd Tongore Dead End

Problem Hanging Wires Flooding Under water Under water wires down Flooding Trees Down wires down Trees/Wires Flooding

Comments 09:15 Tuesday

Jurisdiction County Town County Town State Town City/State Town Town County State Town Town

08:55 Tuesday at intersection County Rt 2 Upper Sahler Mill Mary Lou Lane Samsonville Road Rt 213 Mountain Road Broadhead road Rt 32 Tuckers Corners Trees down Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires wires down Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees and Wires County Town Town Town County Town Town Town 8 hrs as of 3:45 pm Monday as of 7:00 PM Monday State state Town County

Plattekill Plattekill Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rosendale Rosendale Rosendale Rosendale/High Falls Saugerties Saugerties Saugerties Shandaken Shandaken Shandaken Shandaken Shawangunk Shawangunk Shawangunk Shawangunk Shawangunk

New Hurley Road Orchard Drive Cooper at 168 Krom Road Mettacahonts Road Mountain Laurel Rd Oxbow Road Queens Highway Queens Highway Rocky Mountain Road Samsonville Rd Sundown Rd Upper Whitfield Whitfield Road Creeklocks Road James St Sawdust Ave. Route 213 Lighthouse Drive Paterson Road River Road Ave Maria Drive Herdman Road Lasher Drive Woodland Valley Road Albany Post Road Awosting Road New Prospect Road New Prospect Road Tilson Lake Road

Plains Road New Hurley Whitfiled Rd Fischer Rd Rt 456 Cherry Town Rt 209 Dewitt Palentown Road Intersec Hill Rd Samsonville Rd Whitfield Race Track Rt 32 Brown Ave Cottekill Road Old Rt 213 Paterson Lane Main Street Main Stret Hummingbird Route 28 South of Fawn Hill Lipponcott Awosting Village Wye Papuka Rutsonsville Rd

Rt 208 Andersen Rd Cty Rt 34 Cedar Ridge Boodle Hole Road Dead End Sandpiper Road Samsonville Road Etheline Road Samsonville Road Wyncoop Rd End of the Road Town Line Lefever Falls Sand Hill Rd Circle Ave. Andersen Rd east end of road Fiero Road Flintock Lost Clove Road Bates Decker Road Route 52 at intersection South Mountain

Trees/Wires Tree and Wires Trees and Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Trees/Wires Tree and Wires Tree and Wires Tree on Wire trees down Flooding Flooding Transforer Fire Trees, Lines, Fire Tree Down Trees and Wires

County c Town Town Town Town Town Town Town Town County Town Town Town County Town County State Town Town Town Town Phoenicia as of 6:30 PM Monday as of 16:15 Monday Town Town County County Town County County

wires down wires down

Ulster Ulster Wawarsing Wawarsing Wawarsing Wawarsing Wawarsing Wawarsing Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock

DeWitt Lake Road Route 213 42 St (Old Minnewaska Trail) Birchall Mountaindale Tempaloni Rd. Ulster Hts Rd/Cty Rt 52 Ulster Hts Rd/Cty Rt 52 Glasco Tpk Glasco Tpk Lower Byrdcliff Rd Glasco Tpk/Cty Rt 33 Route 212 Whittenberg Rd at Box 937 Zena Road/Cty Rt 30

Rd at Cedar Intersection Eddyville Formore R Rt 52 Old Rt 209 Rt 44/55 Briggs Highway Springs Glenn

Flooding Tital Flooding Tree and Wires

Town State County Town Town Town as of 16:43 Monday County County County County Town as of 16:10 Monday 6 hrs as of 3 pm Monday County State County

Spook Hole Rd Mail Box 782 Upper Byrdcliff Boggs Hill Glasco Tpk Ricks Road Lasher Rd Wilson State Park VanDale Rd

Postal Box1083 Irish Cape Road Rt 212 Livingston Ct. Rock City Rd Upper Byrdcliffe Ricks Rd Abbey Road Chestnut Hill

Trees and Wires Transformer down

Trees and Wires Trees and Wires Trees and Wires Trees and Wires

as of 17:11 Monday


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