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SAP BPC Annual Budget Demo

SAP BPC Annual Budget Demo

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Published by Mohd Habib
SAP BPC Annual Budget Demo
SAP BPC Annual Budget Demo

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Published by: Mohd Habib on Oct 30, 2012
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Satyam’s SAP FPM practice

Satyam’s SAP FPM practice

SAP BPC v5.1 ------------------------------------Annual Budget ------------------------------------POC --------------------------------------------

By Lokesh Nandula

SAP BPC Annual Budget POC - Highlights

Satyam’s SAP FPM practice

As you have seen in the overview demo, SAP Business Planning & Consolidations provides a unified application for all CPM processes. In addition, SAP BPC provide a unified user experience that offers context sensitive action panes and a variety of ways to interface with the application: Web, Excel, Word, and PPT. You have seen the concept of Business Process Flows in the overview demo. As you may remember, Business Process Flows provide the ability to streamline repeatable business processes such as consolidations, forecasting, and budgeting. Managers/administrators can embed existing business processes, such as the Annual Budget, but can ensure control & consistency in the process. You will have visibility to a level of detail you have never been afforded before.

Remember, one of the key benefits of the Business Process Flows is that it “guides” users step by step through the process. Even users that may only participate once or twice a year no longer have to worry about searching for information to complete a process. Many users may be involved in a given process. These users may be working at different paces, but they all complete the same steps in the same order, as defined by the process.
Let‟s assume we are responsible for Italy and need to begin working on the Annual Budget. As a user in this process, I may have received an email notification that the process is beginning, which prompts me to open this Business Process Flow.

SAP BPC Annual Budget POC - Highlights

Satyam’s SAP FPM practice

Easily maintain the integrity of current data versions while facilitating „what-if‟ scenarios because all data is stored in a single repository. Currencies can be shared for all CPM processes, including actuals, budget, forecast, etc. Unlike most Performance Management Applications, targets/strategic plans are held in the same unified application, making comparisons to budget, forecast, actuals, etc. seamless Updates to revenue/expense automatically update the balance sheet & cash flow

Built for the Enterprise: Security

Security controls ensure that as a user I can only write to categories to which I have been given proper authority

SAP BPC Annual Budget POC - Highlights
Designed for the User

Satyam’s SAP FPM practice

Simplified guidance through a complex process

 

Creating Versions is very easy to use
User acceptance significantly higher because of “guided” navigation and familiar interfaces SAP BPC utilizes Excel as a primary mechanism for data collection, offering the full flexibility of native Excel Unstructured data (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, & other documents) are attached to the application and available for users to review during a particular process Users are “guided” step by step through the Business Process increasing user acceptance & minimizing training Users have access to internal policies and procedures. Users confirm that they have reviewed the Policies and Procedures by completing this step SAP BPC can generate email notification to notify users when processes are ready to begin or require review

SAP BPC Annual Budget POC - Highlights
Establish a Financial Foundation

Satyam’s SAP FPM practice

Changes to units drive through to the P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow, allowing real-time what-if modeling SAP BPC delivers the flexibility to define where currency rates come from: a source system or service or direct input via an input schedule Global Rates can be defined and applied across various business units, etc. Driver based calculations are completed real-time as information is being submitted to the application Out-of-box ability to allow for caps drives a more accurate, detailed budget Allows managers to easily account for frequent modifications to caps Consistent cost assumptions create a more accurate, realistic budget Ensure compliance with corporate governances Allow summary of common assets (Laptops, etc.) to help IT, Facilities, HR, etc. plan appropriately Scenarios can easily be copied/modified for real-time what-if analysis Targets help drive accountability by providing visibility in to required spending/revenue to achieve company objectives

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Allocation applies across multiple dimensions, breaking back top down targets to all dimensions (Account, Product, Department, etc.)

Satyam’s SAP FPM practice


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