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66669273 39080556 UMTS RF Troubleshooting Guideline Draft V21

66669273 39080556 UMTS RF Troubleshooting Guideline Draft V21

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Published by: ebad.ullah on Oct 30, 2012
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The IRAT for GSM to UMTS would allow the operator to make use of the 3G
coverage in case of GSM network overload or simply to maximise the usage of

UMTS network. However the HO is actually initiated by the GSM network and

hence not discussed any further. This HO is limited to CS calls and in case of

combined CS/PS call the UE is required to setup the PS part of the call upon

successful completion of CS handover.

The following figure shows HO execution signaling flow that starts with the RNC

receiving ‘Relocation Request’ from 3G MSC and ends when the RNC sends

back ‘Relocation Complete’ after receiving ‘Handover to UTRAN Complete’
RRC message from the UE. From UTRAN perspective hoToUtranCompleteTimer

is used to ensure that RNC will release the resources if it does not receive any

abort or failure messages, in case of unsuccessful attempt.

Document name: UMTS RF Troubleshooting Guideline U04.03

Date: 2007-06-08

Rev: 2.1

UMTS Network Performance Engineering

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Figure 24: Flow chart of successful GSM to UMTS CS handover

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