Suggested Activities

Reading skill

Arni Rahayu Mohamad Rosli Nur ‘Atifah Abdul Ruddin

Pre- Reading

 

Teacher shows pictures of the sun and the wind Asks students which of the two is stronger Get them to give the reason for the choice

While Reading
Tells students that they are going to read a story called “The Wind and The Sun”.  Teacher plays a soft background music like the wind blowing  Students read the story on their own.  Then, stop the music and get a few students to read the story aloud for a few sentences.  Teacher correct their pronounciations if there any mistake  Teacher discuss any difficult words

Post - Reading

Get students to say whether they like or dislike this story, giving a reason for their choice.  In groups of five, students required to role-play the story by using their own dialogue  Encourage students to share other stories on nature that they have read

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