Leaders produced by National Institute of Durgapur

1. Sandesh Kirkire

Chief Executive Officer, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management

2. B Sumant

Chief Executive Officer ITC Infotech Limited

3. Anil Modi

Chief Marketing Officer, Aegis President and CEO at CCC

4. Shiv Nath

Chief Operating officer Moser Baer India Ltd
* Could not find the image of Mr Shiv Nath!

5. Siddarth Ram

Chief Architect Intuit

6. Bhupendra Khanal

Co-founder and CEO Simplify360

7. Kishore Rao

Chief Executive Officer MathWorks India
(maker of MatLabs)

8. Abhas Abhinav

Founder and Hacker-inChief Deeproot Linux

9. Kannan Kaliyar

Chief Executive Officer Connecttel Inc
* Could not find image of Mr Kannan!!

10. Kaustuva Mukherjee

Sr. Vice President Citigroup

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