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The Class Monitor, Form 5 Amanah, SMK Kayu Ara Pasong, 82010 Pontian, Johore.

Encik Juhair bin Jumaat, The Principal, SMK Kayu Ara Pasong, 82010 Pontian, Johore. 11 OCTOBER 2009 Dear Sir, Unsatisfactory School Canteen On behalf of the students of 5 Amanah, I would like to lodge a complaint about the school canteen. 2. First and foremost, the food served is not covered and many flies can be seen hovering over the food. This may lead to food poisoning. Moreover, the canteen also serves stale food. The ‘nasi lemak’ turns bad by the time the upper forms have their recess. Last week, a few of us had diarrhoea after consuming food from the canteen. 3. Apart from that, the food is also too expensive. A small plate of fried mee costs RM1.50 and many poor students cannot afford it. Besides that, the canteen serves the same menu daily. The students are bored with fried rice and fried mee every day. 4. Another complaint is that the cups and plates are oily and not washed properly. The workers are also not appropriately attired although they have been told to wear aprons and caps. Moreover, these workers are rude to students. They shout at us and use foul language whenever they get angry. They also do not clear the dustbins and rubbish daily. This is very unhygienic. As a result, there is a foul stench whenever we eat in the canteen. 5. Thus, we would like to suggest that the school authorities make stringent checks on the canteen daily or weekly. They should also ensure that the canteen serves a variety of food at a reasonable price. We would like to appeal to your sense of fairness and hope prompt action will be taken regarding these matters. Yours faithfully, (NORLISSA BT DUSUKI) 5 Amanah 1.To add to what you have just said: also, similarly, furthermore, in addition, then, moreover, in other words, in the same way 2.To use a specific example to support what you have said: For example, especially, for instance, to illustrate, as an illustration, such as 3.To show sequence: First and foremost, first, The second advantage is, Next, Another reason is, Lastly, Finally 4.To indicate that you are about to contrast what has just been said: but, on the other hand, yet, nevertheless, on the contrary, however 5.To indicate a conclusion: In conclusion, consequently, thus, therefore, in summary, therefore, as a result