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Livre Entier Anglais LoeddingBook

Livre Entier Anglais LoeddingBook

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WNBC Bob Smith morning radio news show that Friday at 9:00 A.M. By Saturday he could have
caught some Midwest stories in print. Although when he began hearing or reading the accounts, it is
unlikely that he was surprised. Well, perhaps surprised, but certainly not unprepared.
Loedding, like a number of people in the years prior to the famous Arnold account, had observed
similar phenomena themselves. It was back in 1932 that Loedding, together with his wife Marion,
saw something that they never could explain. A Dayton, Ohio, news article detailed their incident as

In October, 1932, the couple saw such an object one evening while driving near Plainsboro, N.J., he


At first they thought an aircraft was crashing nearby, Loedding said. Then the craft leveled off and
flashed away at high speed, emitting a changing bluish-green light. On reaching his home, he immediately
sketched the object from memory. Later, Loedding said former New York congressman L.G. Clemente
reported he had seen such an object at about the same time. Loedding estimated the object he and his wife
had seen was 100 feet in diameter and 500 to 600 feet high. He said the object gave off a weird light "like
looking at a fire-fly" and appeared to change shape.
He said he had seen nothing of a similar nature since.

Alfred Loedding pictured second from the right
with Dr. Goddard on far left at his testing sight
in Roswell, New Mexico, during 1941.

Because he did not reveal that story until 1957, it is impossible to know his thoughts during that
first rash of disc sightings. Yet it would be fun to have read the mind of this brilliant engineer who
had graduated the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics back in 1930. This is especially
important because Alfred had been privately designing flying wing-shaped aircraft (then termed low
aspect ratio) and lecturing about the concept with a slide show since his 1932 sighting. Some of
these concepts by 1947 were translated into small working models, looking more like flying saucers
than flying wings.

Introduction 5

He certainly knew aviation, having held a key position with the Bellanca family in their famous
aircraft company before coming to work for Wright Labs in 1938. At Wright Labs he established the
first jet propulsion division and became the resident expert on rocketry. Loedding became the base's
key contact with rocket pioneer Robert H. Goddard. 2 However, having been periodically utilized
from his T-3 engineering section by the base's T-2 intelligence branch, it is fair to speculate that
Loedding might have had some hint of the more spectacular saucer stories before he returned to
work on Monday, July 7th.

Loedding at Bellanca aircraft company circa 1937.

He may have even been intrigued by the July 6th Sunday New York Times exclusive on the
recent deployment of two reactivated B-29 bomber groups to the West Coast—and how their
appearance coincided in place and time with many of the disc sightings. Being a dedicated German
Catholic he would have digested these stories after church on Sunday. And certainly that last day of
the long weekend he would have been mulling over all he had learned to date.
Up to this time the military had only issued a few and very contradictory statements on the
incidents. Loedding would have surely been aware of these because he knew and worked for many
key figures in the Army Air Force. On July 3rd, for example, Army Major Paul Gaynor stated that a
preliminary investigation had been dropped for lack of evidence. Then that same day Boise Evening
Statesman reporter Dave Johnson got a different slant from the commander of the Air Materiel
Command, Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining. Twining, who had the T-2 Army Air Force
Intelligence group under his command, commented that officials were indeed looking into the matter
of flying discs. He stated that even the top secret research conducted at the aviation labs at Wright
Field had not produced technology comparable to that being observed. Continuing, he added that a
"reputable scientist" had seen one of the discs and that his report is being studied.

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