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Livre Entier Anglais LoeddingBook

Livre Entier Anglais LoeddingBook

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Talks About Aviation
by Dave Johnson

One of the greatest aeronautical mysteries of all time—that of the flying discs—has come to life again.
Objects which where reported seen by thousands of persons on the ground and by scores of pilots in the
air, have been sighted off the Pacific coast.
The oceanic appearance of flying discs was the subject of a message transmitted to naval intelligence in
San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. The report also was relayed to the U.S. hydrographic office in .".."
San Francisco. It originated with the second officer of the tanker S.S. Ticonderoga.
The tanker was at a position 300 miles north of San Francisco, and 25 miles off the coast on Nov. 12
when the officer reported that he saw two flying discs.
This is the report: "Two flying discs were sighted flying southwest at f high speed. They appeared
about 36 feet in diameter and were 20 feet apart. They emitted a very bright glow and left a streak about
50 feet behind them.

They were first sighted bearing north and disappeared bearing west at 0620 Greenwich central time.
The fix (position of the vessel) was latitude 43 degrees 15 minutes north and 124 degrees 54 minutes west"
After receiving a report that the discs had been sighted at sea, we telephoned an intelligence officer
assigned to one of the air forces in the United States. This air force had received "orders from the top" to
expand every effort in tracking down the possible source of flying discs. We cannot give this officer's name.
But he said he is now convinced that something has been flying over the United States, and the source of
that something, as far as he understands, is not known either to the Army or the Navy.
We have also learned that the Army has asked what it considers its most creditable witnesses of flying
discs to draw pictures of what they saw. These drawings have all been generally the same. These sketches
are of an object with a rounded nose and a tail with a sharp point, much like a tadpole. The officer with
whom we talked appeared extremely interested in the blue light which glared over a 250-mile area of
southern Idaho and eastern Oregon a few weeks ago. He said he was not convinced it was a meteoric
display. Three men, two United Airlines pilots and a CAA air center inspector riding with them, observed
this light from a point near Baker, Ore. They said that after the light expired there was a trail of
luminescent particles in the air which slowly assumed an arch of 180 degrees and vanished. 18

15 November

It is hard to find detailed information on UFO sightings in foreign countries during 1947. Many of
the accounts we do have are very vague. But whatever

Chapter Six---The Birth of Project Sign 129

it was that this report represented—47,000 people at a baseball game in Managua, Nicaragua, saw it.
Most of the stories described two silver oscillating "platillos valadores" that slowly flew down over
the stadium and briefly hovered before zooming off at terrific speed. Spanish for flying saucers,
platillos valadores or "flying plates" could only be so characterized by people throughout the world
because they resembled no known aircraft.19

18 November

By November there were efforts by the Air Force to plot the trajectory of UFO activity in North
America based on the sightings that they had then collected—which only amounted to about three to
five percent of known incidents. Alfred Loedding and Pentagon consultant Dr. Charles Carroll seem
to have coordinated on this but only one record speaks to this effort.20 Because the files from this
time are so sparse, only bits and pieces of the types of discussions going on at Wright Field can be
ascertained in regard to UFOs. One curious topic we know of did center around Spain. Colonel
McCoy remained very interested in any possible link to German technology that could account for
the saucer sightings and continued to leave no stone unturned. One theory centered around the
possibility that some German scientists had escaped to Spain at the end of the war and were
developing radical aircraft designs. Today we know the Spanish were producing aircraft based on
German designs, but these all dated back to pre-war or WWII models. In fact one of these many
aircraft built in Spanish aircraft plants, a virtual copy of a German JU-52 transport, is today on
display at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Yet, it is curious to note that at the end of 1947
Colonel McCoy sent a memorandum asking that all references to aircraft development in Spain be
upgraded to "Secret." No files on this subject postdating that memo have been declassified.21 (This
notion of Spain serving as a point of origin for flying saucers gained public attention after a
syndicated newspaper story, written by Lionel Shapiro, detailing weapons development in Spain.)
Added to the mysteries of this time is a story out of Greece where numerous flying disc reports
originated at the end of 1947. The Greek government became very concerned over the incidents
because of recent Soviet attempts to promote political instability as well as coerce democratic

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