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Rusdi, 2012. The Study of Rewataa Coastal Morphology, Lalampanua Village, Pamboang Subdistrict, Majene Regency. Thesis. Geography Department, Faculty of Mathematic and Science, State University of Makassar, (Supervised by Drs. Suprapta HS. M. Si and Drs. A. Hallaf Hanafi Prasad, M. Si) This research is aimed at knowing morphology characteristics and factors which influence to land form that is located at Rewataa Coastal. Geomorphology is a study stressed on land form characteristics with all process and material at world surface. Land form is seen as the appearance of land form as the main aspect from landscape. The method used in this research is qualitative descriptive method by collecting primary data, such as: image or photo of land from that is directly taken from research location. Phenomenological approach used to explain what, where, how, and why related to land form which based on available theory and prior research. The research result concludes that the Rewataa Village morphology is cliffed coast, namely the coastal with vertical cliff. Composed by host rock or hard sediment. Although we can find sand land at bay and north area. The land form found are delta, sea cave, beach, spit, notch, cliff, wave cut platfrom dan stack. Keyword: Coastal morphology Rewataa