P U N K   FS E M   T H I R D   P A P E R  


This paper is a bit different than the previous one. Where I
asked you to respond to several prompts in that paper, in your final paper I ask you to respond to one of the prompts below in detail. Almost as soon as the punk movement began, a counter movement (sometimes called “new wave,” “post-punk”, “new romantics”, and others) emerged. In about 1000 words, respond to one of these prompts below:  Describe why or if a culture/community should worry about whether it represents itself as “authentic” or not. A few questions to help you start include: Who is allowed to define “authentic”? Why do they get to choose? What are the benefits of an “authentic” culture? What are the negatives? In what ways was post-punk successful in challenging and critiquing the punk movement, and in what ways did post-punk affirm its predecessor? Return to our first in-class writing on post-punk and answer in more detail about Simon Reynolds’ claim that “punk had its most provocative repercussions long after its supposed decline”. How has this sentiment been confirmed or denied by the readings, discussions, and listenings that we have engaged with this past quarter?

 


No matter which option you choose, make sure that you respond by using examples from the readings that we’ve done since our last paper. These readings include Rhome’s book through Suzanne Moore’s article. Further, be sure to take advantage of the “diy” knowledge base on our course blog. We have had examples of post-punk songs throughout the quarter, but the majority of them are from weeks 7 – 10. Further, please include one or two paragraphs about what you see are the major lyrical and musical differences—if any—between punk and post-punk. If you decide that there are no major differences, then make sure that you explain the similarities in detail. Point to trenchant examples that help make your point clear to the reader. I would recommend that you use these two paragraphs to open your paper to provide the context for your response.
Due Wednesday 11/07 by 11:59 p.m. on email

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