This is Phil and Claire.

Waking up without your car is NEVER any fun.

You could take a taxi.

We’ve solved that problem.

Our Solution.
Your car. Our driver. On demand.

Our Areas of Specialization
 Mid-market cities  Bedroom communities  Urban to suburban (11–30 mi)  30-60% LESS than RT cab  Prevents distracted driving  Avoid accidents / DWI

Team of Experience
Ben and Sharon Lee, Co-founders  Serial entrepreneurs  Built/exited largest US marine rental co  Harnessed collaborative consumption  60K+ unique website visitors in 4 mo  Grew partner from $100K to $1M in 4 mo  Facilitated thousands of Autopilot rides Launch Development Team  13+ years C/C++ experience  3+ yrs running iOS development shop  Understands distributed computing  Experts in real-time systems w/computationally efficient data structure + algorithm design  5.5 yrs Sandia Labs, working in Finite Element Code

We’re looking for:
$1M additional seed to
 Launch 3 cities over next 18 months  Build out operational team  Bring engineering in house  Continue R&D

Sponsors/Partners/Volunteers in
 Automotive  Government  Healthcare

Active Mentorship from
 Smart and engaged investors  Industry experts

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