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Encore Manual

Encore Manual

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MAKE TAB is used to both create a tablature staff for fretted
instruments and convert notation from a regular staff to the
tablature staff. The tablature numbers indicate the corre-
sponding fret locations selected for the tablature staff’s tuning.

MAKE TAB requires that a staff be selected. If you wish to add a
tablature staff without converting note information you can do
so by using the ADD STAFF dialog or TABLATURE STAFF.

When you convert standard notation into tablature, Encore
does its best to give you a logical fngering for the notated
music. It does not, however, know the neck position in which
you want it played. MAKE TAB lets you transcribe a selected
section into tablature and set the lowest fret to be used.

To set the fret position:

Add a new blank tablature staff with the ADD STAFF
command or convert a standard notation staff into tablature
with the TABLATURE STAFF command.

In the standard notation staff, select the notes you’d like to

172The Menus


The Menus

transcribe as tablature. If you’ve already converted the staff,
select only those notes that you’d like to re-transcribe at a
different neck position.

Choose MAKE TAB from the Notes menu. The
MAKE TABLATURE dialog appears.

Enter a value into the parameter box labelled
“Start tablature at fret {n}.”

Click OK. The selected notes are re-

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