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Encore Manual

Encore Manual

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Published by: AmazonaMazona on Nov 01, 2012
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ADD MEASURE creates new
measures anywhere within the
score for either one or all staves
in the system.

The default setting for ADD
MEASURE is to add one measure
after the measure in which the
insert point was placed. The

178The Menus


The Menus

range of measures can be changed and new measures can be
added either before or after the specifed measure.

The lower portion of the ADD MEASURE dialog allows the new
measures to be added to all staves or only on a single staff.
If you select ONLY ON STAFF, the initial entry will be obtained
from the measure in which the insert point was placed. Enter a
new staff number if you wish.

Note: Staff numbers are the same as instruments in the Staff
Sheet and combined staves, such as a piano staff, are counted
as one staff even though they technically contain two or more

ADD MEASURE does not have an “undo” option but the added
measures can easily be removed with the DELETE MEASURE
function if you later decide they are not needed.

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