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Encore Manual

Encore Manual

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Published by: AmazonaMazona on Nov 01, 2012
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Each measure in your score has both a
left and a right barline type. The default
barline type is a single line drawn
between each measure. The default
ending barline is a standard double-bar.

The barline type used to indicate
repeats can optionally affect playback.

Left and right barline selections affect
the frst and last measures of the
selection range only. Adding repeats
to the beginning and ending measures
of a section can be performed in one

If measures are selected before opening
the BARLINE TYPES dialog, the measure
range and barline types indicated are
the current settings for the selection. A
new measure range can be defned but
will not change the initial barline types displayed.

188The Menus


The Menus

The left barline type will be applied to the left side of the frst
measure in the measure range. The right barline type will be
applied to the right side of last measure in the measure range.

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