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Encore Manual

Encore Manual

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You may have noticed another wrong note in Measure 14.
That’s because the note was played as a natural when it should
have been a sharp. The Notes palette is also used to add or
remove accidentals for notes.

1. Click the sharp icon (#) in the Notes palette.

The pencil button in the Toolbar is selected automatically and
the mouse pointer looks like a sharp sign when you move it
over the score. You can also select the sharp sign from your
computer’s keyboard by pressing the [S] key.

2. Go to measure 14 in the score and click on the head of the F
note in the second chord.

The F# sounds and a sharp sign is added to the note.

Shift-Selecting Notes

Here’s an alternate method for adding a sharp sign using a
selection technique called “shift-selecting”.

1. With the sharp sign and the pencil tool still selected, click
the note’s head a second time.

The sharp sign is removed.

2. Select the arrow pointer.

Click the arrow button in the Toolbar or press [A] on your
computer’s keyboard.

3. Press and hold the [shift] key down.

4. While holding the [shift] key, click on the head of the F note
with the arrow pointer.

The note becomes highlighted. You have just selected a single





5. Release the [shift] key and press the [S] key on your com-
puter’s keyboard.

A sharp sign is added to the note.

6. Click anywhere on the score to deselect the note and re-

the highlight.

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