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Encore Manual

Encore Manual

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The default device selected in the CHOOSE INSTRUMENT dialog
is “Generic.” This listing uses only the numbers to indicate
the patch selected. To choose from one of the other included
devices, use the Device menu in the dialog. There is a more
complete description of the Device menu later in this section.

230The Menus


The Menus

128 Program names are available for each device but not
every synthesizer will use all 128. In addition, some synthe-
sizers may have more than 128 programs stored, but the MIDI
Program defnition only uses 128. To use other programs on
your synthesizer you will need to change the location of the
program to one of the locations that can be recalled using the
standard program numbers.

To select from any of the available program names, click on
a program name in the matrix of names. When the ‘focus’ is
set to the program name matrix, you can use the arrow keys to
select different programs. (When the focus is set to a button
or text feld in Windows, a thin dotted line appears around
it. Clicking in the program name matrix sets the focus to the
name you clicked on.) A number can also be entered into the

232The Menus


The Menus

dialog if the Number Field in the upper left corner is active.
The second feld is used for changing the name of the program.

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