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Encore Manual

Encore Manual

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Published by: AmazonaMazona on Nov 01, 2012
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Simple repeats like the one you just added are fne for some
applications. But what you’re trying to do is to get the main
body of the song to play through 3 times and then jump to a
different ending on the fourth repeat.

1. Select Measure 16.

Double-click in the treble staff.

2. From the Measures menu,
choose ENDINGS.

The MEASURE ENDINGS dialog box

3. Click the checkboxes labeled

A appears in each box.

4. Make sure a appears in the
PLAY THEM checkbox.

5. Click OK.

The ending bracket appears over
Measure 16, complete with text
indicating this ending should be
played the frst 3 times through.

6. Now select Measure 17.

7. From the Measures menu, choose ENDINGS.

8. Click the checkbox labeled FOURTH.

9. Click OK.

If you play the score from the beginning, it will start with the
pickup bar and then play Measures 1 through 16 three times.
On the fourth repeat, it will skip Measure 16, play 17, and stop.





Like any other on-screen objects, the brackets and text
associated with endings can be moved and adjusted. Drag
the upper-left corner to adjust the height. Drag the lower-left
end to adjust the length of the sides. If the control points are
showing, the control point on the right end looks like a small
arrow head. Click on it to “open and close” the bracket. You
can also drag the text.

You can adjust any of these parameters for two or more
endings on a page simultaneously. Simply hold the [control/
option] key and adjust one of the endings. The other endings
will be adjusted accordingly. This can be especially handy if
you have adjusted the height of one bracket and are having
trouble getting the other brackets lined up. Hold the [control/
option] key and drag one of the brackets to the desired
position. The other brackets will automatically align with it.

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