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Fwg Start Up

Fwg Start Up

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Published by Paras Thakur
describes the starting procedures for a marine fresh water generator plant...
describes the starting procedures for a marine fresh water generator plant...

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Published by: Paras Thakur on Nov 01, 2012
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START-UP OF THE FRESH WATER GENERATOR NOTE: Thoroughly read, review, and understand this procedure before attempting to Start-Up the Evaporator. SYSTEM LINE-UP: 1. At Main Control Panel: • Turn Main Power Switch ‘ON’ • Turn Salinometer ‘ON’ • Turn Alarm Buzzer ‘ON’ • Adjust Temperature Control Set Point to 00.0 oC 2. Salt Water Line-up: • Ensure that Sea Chest Suction Valve is OPEN • Open suction & discharge valve for the salt water Ejector Pump • Open the Brine Overboard Valve • Close the Evaporator Drain Valve 3. Jacket Water Steam Heater Line-up: • Open Inlet and Outlet valves at the steam regulator • Blow the steam down at Inlet Valve for steam regulator • Open Condensate Drain Line from Jacket Water Heater • Ensure that there is approximately 65 psi Control air pressure to the steam regulator 4. Distillate Outlet Line-up: • Open Discharge Valves from both Freshwater Pumps #1 & #2 • Open Distillate to Tank Manifold Valve • Open valve to ‘Centerline Potable Water Tank’ ONLY Once EVAP is online, and producing good quality water, can it be diverted to a distilled water tank. • Ensure that dump valve outlet is not restricted to Drain Funnel 5. Jacket Water To/From Evaporator Line-up • Open Jacket water to Hot water Pump Valve • Open Jacket Water Heater to Evaporator Valve • Close Recirc Line Valve (if already open) from jacket water Outlet • DO NOT open either jacket water inlet and outlet valves to and from the evaporator at this point. Doing sow will allow jacket water to leak into the Evaporator and cause a temperature rise prematurely 6. Evaporator Start-up: • Close Vents on Evaporator (3x) • Start Salt water Ejector Pump • Bring Vacuum on Evaporator to -90kPa • Observe an almost Zero Water level in lower sight glass • Observe that the upper sight glass level is approx ½ Full • Open jacket water inlet valve to Evaporator • Open jacket water outlet valve from Evaporator

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Start Hot Water Pump Start both Distillate Pumps until a Zero discharge is observed coming from the Evaporator dump valve drain, then stop both pumps. Slowly emit jacket water to Evaporator for heating via 3-Way Valve next to Main Engine by the following Method: a. Manually operate the 3-Way Valve 1/3 to divert flow to Evaporator b. Start both distillate pumps. This will prevent Evaporator from holding too much distillate causing carry over c. Observe temperature increase on digital display. It should be increasing d. Once the temperature stops increasing, manually operate the 3-Way Valve another 1/3 to divert more flow to the evaporator e. Repeat steps C & D f. The 3-Way valve should now be positioned so that 100% of the flow of Jacket Water is going through the Evaporator g. The Evaporator should no be making water. Observe Salinity reading as you slowly & gradually add heat. It should be dropping. Once it has reached a reading below 4 ppm, observe that the Evaporator Dump valve has closed, Distillate is now going to the Centerline Potable Water Tank h. Write down Evaporator meter reading and time when dump valve closes and enter it in the Eng. Room Log book Temperature on the digital display should be approximately 75-77 oC Continue to increase the temperature of the Jacket Water by increasing the set point on the digital display by 2 degree increments. This will cause the steam regulator to begin opening emitting steam to the Jacket Water Heater. Increasing temperature any faster will cause steam line safety valve to lift. Continue to bring up Jacket Water temperature in this manner until a temperature of approximately 84 oC has been reached In the event of low main system steam pressure (less than 60 psi), check the following: a. Observe that the Steam Dump Valve set point is such that the vale is in the closed position. If not, adjust set-point (no higher than 100 psi) so that the valve closes. Do Not secure the inlet/outlet valves at the dump valve. Doing so will cause safeties on the Exhaust Gas Boiler to lift in the event of high steam pressure, disrupting water flow, and causing EGB circ pumps to lose suction. b. Cut back on steam to Evaporator Jacket Water Heater via set point on digital display by 1 to 2 oC increments until system steam pressure has increase to a point above 65 psi. Line up Evaporator treatment unit. a. Observe proper level in tank. If low, add distillate to full line, and 60 oz. of Ameroyal. b. Set flow meter for approximately 1.5 gals/hour Test Evaporator dump valve for proper dumping function by pressing test switch on salinometer panel. A reading of 5 ppm should show up on the digital display and observe that dump valve opens via dump valve drain to funnel. Upon releasing test switch, reading should return to true reading and thus closing dump valve once reading is below 4 ppm.

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