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Published by: Choon Fatt on Nov 01, 2012
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Our survey not only consists of UBD students but as well as lecturers and visitors who came to UBD. From our survey, we found out that majority students prefer the Student centre toilet rather than the Cafeteria Toilet. Most agreed that the environment of the toilet does affect ones perception towards the image of the university. Our research shows that the ratings of the toilet physically that may affect the environment and also ways to improve the toilet facilities such as providing enough hand soaps, toilet papers, more maintenance especially the lighting in the cafeteria as it is creepy to rejuvenate in the dark, toilets flusher should be fix immediately once it is broken for it is disgusting for the next user, bins should be provided in every single booth especially in the girls toilet and etc. Most participants answered that the cleaners or janitors are playing a really big part in maintaining the toilet to be clean in order to uplift the image of the University especially for the visitors in terms of standardization. In the survey it is found out that, the janitors did not do a very good job in keeping the toilets in the cafeteria at its best way. Although Student Centre toilet is not the best toilet in the world, but we are only comparing the overall toilet performance in UBD. It can be said that in UBD, the best toilet found is at the Student Centre. Although there are some negative comments on the Student Centre toilet (Duhh… since it is not the best toilet in the world) but overall it is highly acceptable. Most Students, including lecturer and visitors would be satisfied if all the toilet in UBD will be like the one in the Student Centre especially the in the cafeteria as it is the busiest and crowded place especially during the lunch hour. In conclusion, majority will be satisfied if the school will be able to maintain the entire toilet just like the Student Centre Toilet and we are not over requesting by asking for better toilet facilities. This survey also helps to identify out the problems of Student Centre toilet (which is not a big problem) and once it is improved by regular maintenance, it should be perfect. All toilets in UBD need to at least follow like the Student Centre toilet standard. In the end, we hope that our survey can make a difference to all the toilet in UBD, to improve from the bad to the excellent as toilets is very important to our life as it is a Forget Me Not…

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