Name: ______________________ Class: P (___) Date: _______________________ The day today is:_______________ The weather is: ________________

Make an acrostic ‘I like’ poem using your English name and draw a picture. For example: M R T O M angoes, I eat ain, I love omatoes, I hate ranges, I like essy, I am not! T R A C Y ea, I drink abbits, my pet pples, I eat hina, I am from ellow, I like!

Draw a picture here.

Write your name down here…

…and write a poem!

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Light Bat Said Kite Stay Bed Fight Sat Mouse Day Mat Bite So Rat Head Right Today Hat No At Say Fat Play May Go

Work in pairs. Put the rhyming words in the correct circle. For example ‘bat’ rhymes with ‘cat’. You must say the words together, as you cannot tell if it is a rhyming word by looking at the spelling.


night kite





Say the words together!

Here you can write down some words which rhyme with…


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