A Leader

A leader is a cheerleader who Make other people feel good in the things they do And to facilitate his own mind and other people’s development to create a conducive work environment toward self-motivation Make people proud about their works and achievements Make people’s work exciting, fun, and enjoyable Let people make mistakes freely and fearlessly Empower their self-esteem and unleash their full potential A leader is a person who Willing to take risk and willingness to love; Respect people as an individual not only position or social status; commit to excellence and Keep hope alive A leader is to Educate, sponsor, coach, and counsel people using appropriate Knowledge, experience, attitude and skills A leader is a person who Lead people where others consistently follow because they believe in the direction, vision and missions of a leader; can define reality and serve their people wholeheartedly. A leader is a person who lead people out of their comfort zone and bring them to the next level of performance; creating a new way of life for his followers Treat and respect people rightfully, justly and fairly. Leaders lead best when helping people to go where they decided to go; helping people to use themselves creatively; forgetting themselves as leader; focusing on people’s needs and their goals; to lead is to serve … to give…to achieve more.

Adapted by Lawrence Hiung

21 June 2012

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