Arnel Alipao

For many years, mankind has ignored the coercion of climate change, and continue doing businesses as usual without considering the stability of nature and the welfare of the future inhabitants. Thus here comes the day where we have suffered much bringing our developmental state at a critical juncture; depriving the poor people from food, water, and other basic needs. And I speak this from my experience, because in fact our rice field - our source for food is easily flooded during lengthy rain and storms, thus we harvest nothing, and consequently with my brothers and sister we go to school with our stomach empty. These are just among other instances that Climate change has brought us, but the worst one which I can’t afford to just shrug my shoulders off and do nothing is when natural disasters strike and kill a number of persons. This is why I commit to become an advocate of Disaster Risk Reduction; because I believe that life is the most precious gift God has given us. So it is just but right to enjoy and value life no matter what. It is just right to join hands to protect nature and save lives especially nowadays that climate change has spewed its enormous worst impacts. This is the right time to extend arms by initiating a selfless advocacy that will safeguard the rights and welfare of the majority. And because we only live once, and we only have one earth, in single thought let us join hands to take sustainable collective actions for us and for posterity. We have the capacity, and so let us not think twice to lend arms, because if we really want to leave a legacy that would ensure the health and well-being of future generations, then let us make the world a better, more sustainable and happier place to live in. We may not

but we can change ourselves for the world.change the world. .

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