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Biography of Babarao Savarkar

Biography of Babarao Savarkar


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Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter
Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter

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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jan 23, 2009
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Babarao’s heart was filled with gratitude towards his asscociates. He used to say
that his service to the nation was a result of the service that others had rendered to
him. With great feeling, he would say that but for Dr. Narayanrao, his wife
Shantabai (Tai) and Babu Padmaraj Jain, his life would have no meaning.

Babarao’s own family life had been ruined. But Narayanrao took care of Babarao
with tender love and affection. He would spare no expense or hardship to keep
Babarao happy. He often disregarded his own pofession to be at Babarao’s beck and

Dr. Narayanrao’s wife Shantabai (maiden names Laxmi and Haridini) served Babarao
selflessly as a sister would her elder brother. She would clean his spitoon and bed
pan and nurse him even as he lay in anguish on his sickbed. When Babarao would
embark on his nationwide tours, it was Shantabai who looked after his
correspondence and books. She exactly knew where Babarao kept his papers. She
was almost like a secretary to him.

Babu Padmaraj Jain was a large-hearted asociate. He would provide Babarao with
expenses for his travels and secret activities. He did this without a murmur. While
giving this money, he had but two conditions. Babarao was not to maintain any
accounts of the money given and Babarao was never to express his thanks to him.
Such was the true love and affection that Babu Padmaraj Jain had for Babarao!

People like Seth Narayanlal Pittie, Vasudeo Waman and his wife Yesubai
Panchakshari and several unknown and unsung individuals gave constant support to
Babarao. These individuals felt blessed to be of assistance to Babarao.

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