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Biography of Babarao Savarkar

Biography of Babarao Savarkar


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Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter
Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter

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On 08 February 1945, Tatyarao came from Mumbai to Sangli to meet his elder
brother. As the issue of ‘Vikram’ dated 10 February 1945 notes, “Immediately on
arriving in Sangli, Tatyarao eagerly inquired about Babarao’s health and rushed to his
elder brother’s sickbed. When Babarao was informed that Tatyarao had come to

Biography of Babarao Savarkar

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visit him, a wave of anticipation, contentment and happiness passed over Babarao’s
face. He started telling those around to do this and that and to make Tatya
comfortable. Just then, Tatyarao entered the room. He cast an inquiring glance at
the frail body of his elder brother lying on the sickbed and went straight to his
bedside. Suggesting to Babarao that he should not take the trouble of speaking,
Tatyarao clasped Babarao’s hands and feeling his feeble pulse, he remained lost in
thought. The onlookers were watching this scene of brotherly affection as if in a
trance. Babarao was lost in a happy semi-conscious state while Tatyarao was
recalling their mutual life-history and touching Babarao’s feeble body again and
again. After some moments had thus passed, Tatyarao got up on Babarao’s
instructions. After lunch, Tatyarao conversed a little with Babarao.”

Tatyarao left for Mumbai on the same day. Tatyarao’s visit gave deep contentment
to Babarao. He felt he had met his idol. The news that Tatyarao had come to meet
Babarao splashed in the newspapers. People were convinced that Babarao’s end
was imminent. They came from far and wide to have a final glimpse of Babarao.

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