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Biography of Babarao Savarkar

Biography of Babarao Savarkar


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Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter
Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter

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In his written deposition to the court, Babarao said, “I published and publicized these
poems but due to the tumultuous situation in Hindusthan (India) in April 1908, I had
neither time nor inclination to look into the sales of the book. I am solely
responsible for my actions. Though I have not written these poems, I do not think
that they were written to preach treason or incite people to rebel against the King.
These poems were written keeping true incidents in the Puranas or history in mind
and did not intentionally distort truth. The last stanza in the ninth poem tries to
apply historical truths to the prevailing situation in Hindusthan. Neither the poet nor
I had an ulterior motive. Some of the items found in the raid on my house on 12
March 1909 belong to me. The other items have been planted in my house by the
police who bear ill-will towards me. For the last three-four years, there has been
enmity between the police and myself and they have built up a false case against
me.” In his oral statement, Babarao reiterated the above points. In addition, he
said that he had published 3000 copies of the Laghu-Abhinav Bharat- Mala and as he
had bought all the copyrights of this book, the name of the poet did not appear in
them. The poems in the book were meant for recitation on festive occasions such as
Ganeshotsav and Shivaji jayanti. The judge listened to Babarao’s defence and
remarked that it was “very clever”. Saying that an ordinary person would interpret
the poems in the same way as the government had done, he accepted the
government’s plea.

Biography of Babarao Savarkar

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