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Biography of Babarao Savarkar

Biography of Babarao Savarkar


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Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter
Elder Brother of Veer Savarkar and Great Freedom Fighter

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Babarao had great affection for Tatyarao. When Tatyarao entered his matriculation
class in 1901, Babarao became concerned about his higher education. When
Tatyarao came to Nashik in 1897, Babarao used to do the cooking and then the two
of them would eat and go to school. Babarao saw to it that Tatyarao did not bear
the brunt of their poverty. To make two ends meet, Babarao had to sell Yesuvahini’s
ornaments one by one. What remained was a solitary traditional nose-ring given to
her by her mother. It so happened that there was no money to pay for Tatyarao’s
fees. Babarao asked Yesuvahini for her nose-ring. Hitherto, Yesuvahini had given
away all her ornaments without a murmur. But the nose-ring had a sentimental
value to her. At Babarao’s command however, she gave away the last token of her
mother. Tatyarao’s fees were paid. Little wonder then that Tatyarao had the
deepest reverence for his beloved Yesuvahini. In a poem written to her in 1909 after
Babarao’s arrest, he has addressed her thus:
“ Mateche smaran hou na dile, shrimati vahini vatsale!...
Tu dhairyaachi asasi moorti ! maaze vahini maaze sphurti !
Ramsevavrataachi pui ! breed tuzhe aadhich ”

(“Because of you I had no reason to remember my mother, O loving sister-in-law!
You are a symbol of bravery! My sister-in-law, my inspiration! To complete the
penance of service to Ram has always been your motto”). In his book, My
Transportation for Life(1926), he has referred to Yesuvahini as his childhood friend,
his beloved mother and his trusted lieutenant in politics. Once, Tatyarao developed
high fever. In a half-delirious state, he expressed concern about his education to
Babarao. Tatyarao’s concern seared Babarao’s heart. Filled with affection for his
brother, Babarao told Tatyarao that he should not worry; he Babarao would rather
beg than allow Tatyarao’s education to be interrupted. Tatyarao was himself
prepared to earn and learn at the same time. He had even applied to Kaal editor
Shivrampant Paranjpe asking for any job that was available. But Babarao would
have none of it. He did not want Tatyarao’s education to be hampered by the
demands of a job. In March 1901, Tatyarao was married to Yamuna (nickname Mai),

Biography of Babarao Savarkar

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daughter of Ramachandra Trimbak or Bhausaheb Chiplunkar (b 1863) who had risen
to become dewan (minister) of the Jawhar principality near Thane in Maharashtra).

As Tatyarao’s in-laws were well-to-do, the burden of Tatyarao’s education on
Babarao considerably lightened. Babarao was content that he could arrange for
Tatyarao’s higher education. He was certain that Tatyarao would use his education
for the welfare of his people and country. To achieve this goal, Babarao did not
think twice before sacrificing his own education. Babarao remained a non-

Biography of Babarao Savarkar

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