. certainty and security for both employers and employees. employees and their representatives need to know what information may be collected and retained by employers and whether it can be passed on to others.  Methods used to obtained information from their employees and the working conditions in the workplace. Are related on what extent the organisational can influenced in private live of their employees.  when it comes to workplace privacy creates trust. Employers.

 Employees right to privacy has become particularly vulnerable with the development of recent technologies.  Purpose is to make the firm itself all support the preposition that the firm is legitimately interested in whatever significantly influences work. . consumers and society at large.  Legitimate and illegitimate covers that the work contract of firm’s responsibilities to owners. particularly computer technologies.

 Involvement in civic activities:• To enhance their image in the community.”  Intensive group experience • To enhance and fully utilised the employees potential for perceiving. creating and experiencing. thinking. businesses and other organisations have long prodded employees to donate to charitable causes during company-led fund-rising drives. or encouraged them to participate in public-spirited activities off the job.  Health programmes • Sometimes organisations pressure employees in certain directions for “their own good. feeling. .

2. 3. and etc) Drug Testing have been implemented in many companies in nowadays to find any drug abused on their employees. and they often intrude into areas of people lives and thoughts that people normally consider private. Polygraph Test implies on employees whether they are lying or not (Device which act as lie detector) Personality Tests that can reveal highly personal information. 4. There are several moral concerns on how the employees obtain any information from their employees:1. it must be voluntary. blood types. . Everyone agrees that for consent to be legitimate. (Birth month. Informed Consent implies deliberation and free choice.

as well as the extent to which an organisation is committed to respecting the rights and privacy of its employees which are Health And Safety. . Management Styles. and Day Care Maternity Leave. the conditions under which people work include personnel policies and procedures. In general practical.

S. Quon’s employer found out about his personal use of the pager after an investigation looking into excessive texting at the department. Sexting case raises workplace privacy issues  The future of employee privacy rights in the workplace may hinge on a case that the U. Supreme Court is taking up today involving a cop and sexting. saying he thought the messages were confidential. often sending sexually explicit text messages to his wife and his mistress. Jeff Quon. Quon cried foul. He was later found to have used the device not only for work but also for pleasure. was given a pager from his employer. the Ontario Police Department. . a California SWAT sergeant.

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