How To Write Reports

5 W’s & 1 H
What- the matter is all about Where- the place the incident took place When- the date and time of the incident Why- the reason for the event to take place Who- people involved in the event / incident How- the event took place

23 year old Raia youth ends life Stein Cardozo, 23, a resident of Daman, Raia committed suicide at his residence on Friday night. The Maina Coutorim police said that the body was hanging from a ceiling fan on Saturday morning Police suspect that failure in love affair might have driven him to suicide. Further investigation is underway

• This is also known as the inverted pyramid • The inverted pyramid principle says you should put the most important point at the top of the article, followed by your next most important point, and so on, in diminishing order of importance.

• Many historians say that the inverted pyramid was invented by 19th century wartime reporters, who sent their stories by telegraph. • They wanted the most crucial information to get through first, just in case the transmission was interrupted.

Terms To Know
• Lead: The opening of a story, usually a summary of the most important information. Headline: A title or attention grabber above the body of an article. The author of the story usually does not write the headline. Angle: A particular point of view or way of looking at a subject. Fact-checking: Checking that your facts are correct. Amy, Aymee, and Amie are all pronounced the same way and can be easily misspelled. Look up the names of specific people and places and anything else you are presenting as fact to be sure you are stating the truth.

Assignment: write a report, max 250 words
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