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Comparison of Traditional 3M Product Development and Lead

Comparison of Traditional 3M Product Development and Lead

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Published by: Siddhartha Mishra on Nov 01, 2012
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Comparison of Traditional 3M Product Development and Lead User Process

Traditional 3M Product Development Process Lead User Research Process
1. Puts developers in direct


Developers, in recent decades, lack direct Contact with customers. 2. Developers are not directly accountable for Understanding customer needs. 3. Marketing research is outsourced to third Parties or “thrown over the wall.” 4. Traditional methods are linear and tend to Support primarily incremental innovations.

contact with users. 2. Focus on a few individuals (Lead Users and lead use experts) with extremely rich need and solution-specific information. 3. Allows developers to learn from users outside traditional business focus. 4. Pushes developers toward leading edge with potentially radical new concepts. 5. Can be complemented with traditional market research techniques (during validation).

Lead User Method
 Definition  Method : An accurately forecasting market opportunity by taping the expertise base of” lead users.”  Lead User
The people whose experience are ahead of the market segment.  They may lead in either target or analogous market.  They may be involved with just one or more attributes of the problems users met.

 Purpose  unearth product development opportunities

 Advantage:  richer and more reliable information  better products and service concepts  acceleration of the product and service development process  Necessary Elements:  supportive management  a cross-disciplinary team of high skilled people  a understanding of the principles of Lead User research  Compose:  4-6 people from marketing and technical department  12-15 hours per week spent on the project  project typically takes 5-6 months

Lead User Process

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