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Anarchist in m0ti0n t0 wreck eternal hav0c am0ng the peaceful pe0ple 0f

Kerala(India)... Just kidding...

craziness is inherent and insanity is an 0bcessi0n...

relentless 0bscurity shall 0ne day vindicate the vigilant and virtu0us creating a
hal0 0f impedence between me and 0blivi0n...
sarcastic truths are My weekness...

blinded by the eternal darkness,

0f the crypt 0f th0ught.
f0gged by the dense mist,
0f cigarette sm0ke.
deafened by the tremend0us blare,
0f r0ck and metal.
n0xiated by the deadly ven0m,
fl0wing in my veins.
faith shattered by the 0bscurity,
0f the spirit.
crims0ned by the gaping gash ,
0f deciet.
heart f0rsaken by the blissful...
ign0rance , 0f strangers.
iced by the silver shiver,
0f the night.
sm0thered by the dirt,
t0nning ab0ve my grave....
i feel dead...

i fall in d kind 0f rare species which r still 2 be disc0vered.........i w0rship

diff g0d....i m crazy wid crazy pe0ple well im just a n0rmal guy wh0 likes 2
hang0ut wid friends n nj0y lifee. my bl00d gr0up is RM+ (r0ck music)........ n
sing wierd s0ngs difficult 4 i 2 understand

Mankind in his insatiable search f0r divine

Kn0wledge has discarded all biblical teachings

Realizing that the strength 0f religi0n is the repressi0n 0f

All structures 0f religi0n have c0llapsed

Life prays f0r death

in the wake 0f the h0rr0r 0f these revelati0ns

it was never imagined h0w graphic the reality that w0uld

be kn0wn as the end
0f creati0n
W0uld manifest itself

We believe all this cha0s and atr0city can be traced

Back t0 0ne single event

We h0ld these truths t0 be painfully self-evident

All men are n0t created equal
0nly the str0ng will pr0sper
0nly the str0ng will c0nquer
0nly in the darkness 0f Christ have i realized
G0d Hates Us All