Year 8 Food Design Class Fusion Pasta – Planning document Team member names – Jit Han and Euro

Cooking lesson date and day: 12thOctober Ingredients and amount: Ingredient Amount
Chicken Pineapple Cucumber Cabbage Salt Pepper Satay sauce Anchovies Pasta Serves: 1

Period: 1

Dish name: Alienware pasta Equipment and preparation: Bowl for putting cut vegetables and for washing vegetables Knife for cutting vegetables Spatula for mixing pasta with sauce Oven for cooking chicken Pot for boiling pasta Plate for presentation the fusion food

School buy

We buy Euro Jit Han Jit Han Euro

1 piece 4 pieces 4 pieces 6 pieces 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon 1 bottle 1 can 1 packet

School School Euro Euro Jit Han

This may help for students wanting to make pasta from scratch. 1. Create a mound of flour with the salt added into a bowl and then make a hole in the middle 1min 2. Add the whole egg to the middle of the flour hole 1 min 3. Draw in the flour mixing together slowly with a fork1min 4. When flour and egg starting to mix well, use fingers to combine further.3min 5. Knead dough using hands for around 5-10 minutes on a clean surface 6. ensuring elastic texture not too flaky or to sticky and soft 7. Wrap dough in plastic and leave for 30 min to settle

Picture example:

Method / Instructions with times: 1) Take ingredients out and prepare equipment - 3 min 2) Boil water - 10 min 3) While water is boiling, slice the cabbage, chicken and pineapple - 8 min 4) Mix chicken with satay sauce - 1 min 5) Put the pasta in the boiling water - 1 min 6) Cook the chicken in the oven - 15 min 7) Cook the other ingredients, put the ingredients in this order: oil (about 1 or 2 tablespoons), anchovies (about 10 pieces), pineapple, cucumber, cabbage - 5 min (before the pineapple turns brown) 8) While cooking vegetables, take the pasta out and stir fry with the other ingredients (excluding chicken, chicken cooks alone in the oven) – 5 min 9) Take chicken out of the oven 10) Put the chicken on a plate, cut it to small pieces (mouth size) - 3 min 11)Put pasta on the plate, pour some satay sauce on it - 1 min 12) Serve the dish!

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