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Stop the Violence

Stop the Violence

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Published by: Europak Online on Nov 02, 2012
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Stop the violence “Violence against girls and young woman is any type of violence whether physical, sexual

or psychological that occurs to a girl. It can be anything from a threat to physically beating someone up because they are a girl.” “Violence against girls and young women is any act which hurts a girl or young women that was committed due to their gender.” Violence against girls and women is one of the most widespread violations of human rights around the world. And it is not getting any better. As the world stays silent girls continue to be exploited, abused, raped and killed. Their voices are silenced and their choices limited. This is wrong and must stop……and we believe that our Movement, as the largest in the world for girls and young women has an integral role to play to make this to stop. WAGGGS new campaign Stop the violence is made to achieve just that. Our campaign is unique because it is not about us saving girls, or treating them like victims. At its heart, the campaign is about empowering girls and young women to understand their rights and have the skills and confidence to claim their rights and the rights of others. Already many of our members and volunteers are working on stopping the violence. You might think there are a lot of campaigns out there to end violence against girls. There are not. There are some that focus on ending violence against women. There are some that focus on ending a specific form of violence in a specific place. But there are no global campaigns dedicated to ending violence in all its forms against girls and young women. UN Women’s end violence against women section tell us that this is a space where there is no data, no voice, no programmes and no investment, and our research shows this to be true on the ground. Our education programme on ending violence and girls’ rights is unique in the world, the only global programme of its kind. To promote this cause, we want everybody to know what we stand for and how can they take action. Did you know: • In Europe, seven women die every day from male domestic violence • One in four female students on UK campuses have been subject to an unwanted sexual experience at University or College • 80,000 women experience rape or attempted rape in the UK every year • 40-50 percent of women in the EU have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace • Every year in the EU, 180,000 girls living in the EU are at risk of female genital mutilation and 500,000 women and girls in the EU already live with female genital mutilation Building from a whisper to a shout, we need to talk, join together and inspire action around the world. Do the activity: Repeating after the facilitator to add the voice to the campaign -starting with rubbing hands slowly and down low, start to clap from side to side, the clapping gets faster and add in stamping your feet, get faster and louder, add in a voice covering and uncovering your mouth saying aaaah, finally finish with jumping in the air and shouting stop the violence

#Stop the violence video!!! So how are we going to stop the violence? How are we going to speak out for girls’ rights? And how can we ensure that the voices of our members already working on this topic are heard and listened to?

The most simple way everyone can make a difference is by adding your voice. We want to encourage everyone to speak out for girls’ rights- not just girls and women but boys and men, community leaders and governments . We want to hear those voices and we want to share those voice with other people so they know and care about what happens to girls. We are aiming to collect tens of thousands of voices so we can influence governments, international agreements and spaces in local communities like schools or councils. So that we can go to the media and say look, this is big, people care about this. You can contribute to our girls’ manifesto, come to one of our training events, get involved with our new education curriculum on ending violence, sign a pledge card or you can check our website or ask WAGGGS team for more ways to get involved.

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